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  1. I also got this letter. I think the chance is VERY minimal. As in, we may only get in if someone chooses to drop out of the program which is unlikely.
  2. That is actually so annoying. First they say end of July, then beginning of August, now not until the middle of August! I don’t understand why it’s so disorganized! Are we expected to just wait around until the very last minute? Lol
  3. Has anyone received rejection letters yet? I'm getting very impatient as I have a job offer that I could accept but not sure if I should still save hope for the program
  4. Would you mind sharing your stats?
  5. Would anyone be willing to post their LOI? I’m not sure if I did well or not since I have nothing to compare to..
  6. Hi all, Just wanted to touch base with everyone as they said invites for interviews will be sent out soon. Let me know if anyone has got one yet!