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  1. Sorry I may have interpreted this incorrectly. It was stated at the admission information session that if you have GRADUATED.. and are taking another year to "boost" your GPA; they will not count those classes towards admission. Only the classes that counted towards your degree will be counted.
  2. You're absolutely correct, U of S doesn't care about work experience or EC's. But you really think that they would accept someone into their medical school if they weren't able to communicate properly with an individual to pass the interview? You do know that the interview is 50% of admission? Sure, there are applicants with outstanding grades but they do a piss poor job with communication. I first hand have had experience with residents and physicians who can't communicate properly with their colleagues and patients which leads to a nurse/paramedic running their ER for them. You do know that diversity isn't necessarily EC's? If you guys would go a little more in-depth in research about this particular medical school you would know that they have seats specifically for those who come from a lower household income. Who have had more barriers in their way of being able to achieve high grades. They offer 5 seats for DSAAP and 6 for Aboriginal applicants I believe. Also, if you were to go more looking into their acceptance rates. In 2018, there was only 2 people accepted with a 75-80 average. The median was an 84-86%. I'm not saying that high stat applicants shouldn't not be accepted; but I'm saying have some decency for other applicants who may not have had it as easy as others.
  3. It's not the fact that someone with much higher stats doesn't deserve to get in. It's the fact that U of S values DIVERSITY. I know many people who were accepted into U of S with a 80% average and around a 23rd percentile MCAT and they will be amazing physicians. Marks are not the deciding factor of wether or not they will be a great physician. I find this post of yours very discourteous.
  4. This is true. Was brought up at the admission information session.
  5. I am a Saskatchewan resident and I am starting undergrad in september. I am currently a Paramedic and looking to further my education into medical school but unsure on the number of classes U of S requires you to take per semester, also I am unsure of if U of S requires that you take any science prereqs? I applied to the Faculty of Kinesiology figuring its the only thing that interested me if this is a good route to go? I will take as much advice that you guys can give me! Thanks in advance!
  6. I have been researching applying to Ireland medical schools for their 5/6 year programs such as RCSI and NUIG. Having completed high school in 2016 and not attending university or college I believe they would still accept me as an applicant based on my high school marks? I attended a institution and received my paramedic certificate and have been working but other than that nothing else. Looking back on their requirements I would have to upgrade a couple of my classes and apply based on them. Does anyone know if what I have completed will interfere with my application? Also will they take upgraded marks? - Thanks!
  7. I'm curious if there is anyone on here or knows of other people who attended MRU (Mount Royal University out of Calgary) for their undergrad degree. Wondering if it would be a wise decision to attend there and get my required prereqs and undergrad or if attending a bigger university such as the UofC would be better? Im currently a Paramedic and trying to see what my best route would be to continue my journey to medical school. - Thank you!
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