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  1. Awesome! Thank you for the info!
  2. I am a Saskatchewan resident and I am starting undergrad in september. I am currently a Paramedic and looking to further my education into medical school but unsure on the number of classes U of S requires you to take per semester, also I am unsure of if U of S requires that you take any science prereqs? I applied to the Faculty of Kinesiology figuring its the only thing that interested me if this is a good route to go? I will take as much advice that you guys can give me! Thanks in advance!
  3. BarbellsAndBicarb

    Applying to 5/6 Year Ireland Medical Schools

    Thank you!
  4. I have been researching applying to Ireland medical schools for their 5/6 year programs such as RCSI and NUIG. Having completed high school in 2016 and not attending university or college I believe they would still accept me as an applicant based on my high school marks? I attended a institution and received my paramedic certificate and have been working but other than that nothing else. Looking back on their requirements I would have to upgrade a couple of my classes and apply based on them. Does anyone know if what I have completed will interfere with my application? Also will they take upgraded marks? - Thanks!
  5. I'm curious if there is anyone on here or knows of other people who attended MRU (Mount Royal University out of Calgary) for their undergrad degree. Wondering if it would be a wise decision to attend there and get my required prereqs and undergrad or if attending a bigger university such as the UofC would be better? Im currently a Paramedic and trying to see what my best route would be to continue my journey to medical school. - Thank you!