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  1. Hey everyone, As promised I'm confirming that my deferral request was accepted- was notified today. The movement on the list today reflects that. I doubt I am the only one that has applied for a deferral or intends to so I rest assured movement will continued. Best of luck to everyone! And for those that don't get off the list, please apply again! Your position on the list reflects that you have what it takes to get into McGill med, or for any med program for that matter so stay persistent, you're going to get there. My username: EventuallyAF just turned into Fall2019AF It's a good feeling. Keep at it guys. Peace.
  2. I'll surely let you all know if it is accepted or not so you know what to expect with regards to movement. Circumstances: Year 2 MSc student. When I had applied to McGill med my project timeline was pretty solid and was expected to be complete by Fall 2018. It's an international study that requires data collection from multiple geographic locations. Unforeseen delays beyond my control at some of these locations pushed my timeline back. New anticipated end date is early Spring 2019. Essentially, reason for deferral---> completion of graduate studies. Hoping it works out for me as well as another student on the waitlist. Win-win!
  3. To provide a glint of shimmery hope to the IP waitlist people - I just applied for a deferral today. If all goes well it's definitely going to move at least 1 more because of me Hang in there friends x
  4. Thanks for the reply- appreciate it. I went ahead and applied for a deferral, hoping it works out for me..and consequently someone on the waitlist. Win-win! Hang in there waitlist folks- there's hope!
  5. I am contemplating whether I should drop my MSc to start Fall 2018 MDCM or finish my MSc and defer... I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the deferral process? From what I understand if I were to choose to defer I'd have to submit a letter from myself as well as a letter from my supervisor? Info should include: progress, when I'm expected to finish, why I want to finish? Any input would be helpful. Thanks! McGill website says:
  6. Dropping trends are all kinds of unpredictable. Each person has different variables influencing their decision so what you consider bottom may just be the point it reaches this year!
  7. I can confirm that I also have my rank on Minerva.
  8. WAITLISTED APPLICANTS I pretty clearly see what seems to be my ranking in the minerva application checklist at the bottom, next to "Rank on Waiting List". Do you all see this too? Perhaps things have changed and unlike last year they are revealing the ranks early. I can't imagine this part of the checklist means anything else?? #paranoid lol
  9. I'm skeptical.....I waited more than a month last year. I'll try and give admin a call later today.
  10. Rank on Waiting List bit.ly/22szemE -#3 on waitlist Is that what you see? And are we sure about what this means...............?
  11. Your IP waitlist ranking? Hmm.. strange What number are you referring to? Where is it?
  12. I know we never really know the answer to questions about dates, but any estimation about early/mid/end of May? I assume it's around the time pre-med interview.
  13. Yup, 2nd year on wait list for me!..I feel the same so I hope knowing that you're not the only one gives you a sense of comfort lol. Just keep at it if you really want this! I think people in our position eventually get in. I believe I have what it takes - and a school will see that in time. Chin up. Cheers to overcoming groundhog day at some point
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