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  1. Wondering if anyone here is heading to Halifax this weekend for interviews? DM me!
  2. I agree with the notion that there is a need to recruit long-term physicians in underserved area such an Northern Ontario and also the fact that NOSM has been doing a good job recently. i also agree with the fact that some IMGs may not adhere to their ROS and pay their way out of it or work right outside the GTA. As you likely know, ROS states you can't work in an urban area. - Why did Sask FM end up with so many seats vacant in the competitive stream this season? or last? or every year pretty much? Did you know Sask healthcare system consists of 53% IMGs? The reason is CMGs don't want to go there and they end up filling spots with IMGs -I believe someone mentioned earlier that CMGs would be happy to take rural FM spots. Some perhaps; others, they wouldn't be happy to take them, they might piggyback on it until they can transfer into their specialty of choice or attempt to transfer out to an urban location. It JUST happened; that spot could have gone to someone that would have happily completed their FM training - As far as highly skilled surgical residents heading down to the states; It just so happens there are more positions available down south for it. It also happens to be lucrative. It also does not mean IMGs are taking away from the funding for those spots. If you think about it, Foreign Fellows coming from places like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia or Qatar for example are subsidizing residency positions here with the amount of cash paid to Canadian universities. Are you opposed to that as well? I assure you our taxes are not funding those positions. - Not every CSA comes from well off families with strong connections. There are a few; and yes, I went to school with them. But for myself, I took a LoC independently and pay interest on it monthly. For the expenses that could not be covered by the LoC, I took time off, worked and paid off the tuition fees and other expenses. That resulted in my application not looking so hot. I'm not the only one that has gone through this. Please don't draw a circle around all CSAs. There is a good reason to pause and ponder why our healthcare system is so reliant on foreign fellows/residents and how it would leave us crippled if they were to leave tomorrow? Those spots, if funded by our gov't would keep physicians in house. The misdirected hate towards CSA/IMGs aren't doing us any favour. I apologize for venting. Lets stop the blame game.
  3. Yeah, I was quick to believe it as I was just hoping they weren't requiring those anymore. Last year there was at least one person I know that matched, but applied late for the SoN and was not granted one.
  4. perhaps has something to do with the earlier CaRMS match than the US match in March, therefore taking you out of contention for the NRMP. By that time we are already in the second iteration. I believe more CMGs need to start taking the Steps, especially if they prefer to apply to specialties. SON has been an issue though, unsure how many were allocated this year.
  5. I took the exam yesterday Felt like I had a good chunk of Internal Medicine on the exam for me and not very much OB/GYN. Felt like the patient were either geriatric population or pediatric. A good chunk of my CDM was obgyn though
  6. hey guys for those who have taken the exam this week. Whats your feedback on this thing? Thanks!
  7. From listening to the 45 min video, it appears they will decide on a new passing score based on how well everyone does this spring session. Also heard about a new grading system they will be following. The scores will no longer be 500-700 or so. It'll be a max of 400. If someone could confirm if there is anything documented would be interesting. I wouldn't waste my time on this though, as it won't change the outcome either way.
  8. I guess, another few weeks and we find out! Really hoping it isn't the case
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