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  1. That's how admissions process works, admission emails are sent to people in four rounds, after the four rounds all the seats (130) are filled. Not all at once. The first round of admission emails from June 14-16 were for the very top applicants (again, those with 4.0 GPAs or close to that).
  2. What was your prereq GPA? Also, your 2 year GPA is considered to be your cumulative GPA by the pharmacy faculty. Also, in a previous post you said you had a 3.94 GPA for your last 30 credits.
  3. Nice, you got into UBC! What was your GPA?
  4. What were your stats (2 year cumulative, prereq, best year)? Also, are you IP or out of province?
  5. @PharmDhopeful, do you know your accepted friend's stats? He or she may have had a 4.0 or close to it.
  6. Maybe first round. There are at least three more rounds (second round is in late June) to go.
  7. I know that...interviews are due on June 3rd. But are you applying from outside or inside of the province, because your chances are better obviously IP
  8. You haven't done your interview yet?? It's late Are you applying from out of province?
  9. Thanks for your reply. Just another question though: did you have a full course load (30 credits) when you applied on your first attempt? You still had a 3.67 best year GPA which should have been good, even if your 3.45 GPA semester dragged you down. People have gotten into the program with 3.3-3.4 cumulative GPAs... Also, are you an out-of-province applicant? Looking at your stats on your successful second attempt, your GPAs are all very high (3.79-3.91 GPA) to be accepted so late in mid-July! I would've thought you would have been accepted much sooner in June. But there may be higher GPA requirements for out-of-province applicants.
  10. @UhhhhhhOkay, do you know people who got in with 3.3-3.4 cumulative (two year) GPAs?
  11. @Boboeat, @TiramisuGirl, @UhhhhhhOkay How did you get your acceptances...was it through the mail or through your beartracks? Also, did you have to submit your university transcripts yourself or did the U of A Registrar request your university transcripts for you?
  12. You're older than average. Not too old, but "old" in the sense that most of your peers in pharmacy, if you do get in, will be significantly younger.
  13. Hey Boboeat, what were your stats the year you didn't get in? But lots of people get in with sub 3.5 GPA so your GPA in one term couldn't have been the sole reason you didn't get in.