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  1. Hello @TiramisuGirl, do you think that the "3.3-3.4" minimum incoming GPA is real, meaning have you even heard of anyone actually having that low of a GPA and getting in? But then again, I guess there was no reason to lie to you guys... The reason I am asking is because all successful applicants (based on previous years' threads and from what I've heard) have had a GPA of 3.5+
  2. Hey @LethyPharm, lol, you didn't mention that you had a 3.1 GPA year for your first year (I saw your other comment on the UBC thread), so that in combination with your lower course load resulted in your rejection last year?
  3. @TiramisuGirl , @LethyPharm Do you know when interview invites are sent out?
  4. Well, LethyPharm, I think you're mistaken in what the "cumulative GPA" is. I specifically emailed the faculty about that and what I got back was that the cumulative GPA is only calculated over your most recent 2 years. In other words, your most recent 2 year GPA is in fact the same as your cumulative GPA, they're synonymous in this case. After analyzing previous years' threads, your 3.75 cumulative GPA and your 27-credit year still made you competitive...so Idk what brought you down? Your LOI or interview possibly? Because the minimum entering GPA was 3.3-3.4, and you had people getting in last year with cumulative GPAs of 3.5-3.6. Also, one person who I know that got in last year definitely did NOT take a full course load (not even close) for that individual's last year before getting accepted, so your 27-credit year wasn't the deal-breaker.
  5. Oh ok, I see why you didn't get in. Because of your prereq GPA (did you do well in biochemistry, cell biology and microbiology because these three courses they look more heavily at) and because you didn't take 30 credits in one year. I see. Thanks for replying.
  6. How do you do that blue highlighted "@" thing, when I type the person I want to respond to with "@" in front of their name it doesn't get highlighted to blue so they can't see that I asked them a question?
  7. Hello @LethyPharm, I saw on last year's thread you got waitlisted with a 2 year 3.75 GPA, but what was your last year GPA, how many credits did you take in one year, and your prereq GPA? Also, did the faculty tell you why you got waitlisted and not accepted? Also what school did you apply from? Thanks.
  8. What was the mininum cumulative GPA and prereq GPA in your class, @TiramisuGirl?
  9. Hey everyone, I'm an IP applicant. Two-year cumulative GPA, if all goes well next term, will be around 3.74-3.75. Last year GPA: 3.94 (again, if all goes well for the Winter 2019 term). Prereq GPA (still need to complete three prereq courses for next term): 3.60. I spent a significant amount of time during this summer shadowing pharmacists and I've already gotten one to fill out the pharmacist consultation form. Have written and now polishing up my LOI. Does anyone know if the GPAs are rounded to the nearest decimal place (tenth)? So 3.94 may be rounded to 3.9?
  10. Hello everyone, Please allow me to introduce myself. I am an Alberta university student of African descent, and I am obviously as seen with my post interested in applying to pharmacy. I am currently completing my third year of studies in Biological Sciences and I am just wondering out of curiosity what the racial demographics of the U of A pharmacy school are? For instance, have the incoming classes been predominantly white, are there black students, are there Asian students, etc.? Also, I am wondering if there is a relatively even split of male-female students? I don't want to be the sole or one of the few minority students during the time I spend at U of A pharmacy school if I do eventually get accepted. Thank you all who answer for your time. Regards, An inquiring soul