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  1. When you click accept on the student portal, it redirects me to the ouac page. So I guess confirming on omsas is enough, unless a followup email says otherwise
  2. Hopefully we're not in that scenario!
  3. Has there ever been cases where they sent out wrong offers before?
  4. Result: Schulich-Med (unspecified) * I'm assuming the unspecified is referring to the campus? Were you all informed which campus you were offered admission to? Timestamp: May 14 12pm cGPA: 3.92 MCAT: 130, 129, 131 (Chem/Phys, CARS, Bio) Geography: non-SWOMEN
  5. Honestly said I don't know to one of the questions :') nice knowing ya western
  6. Hi! Asking for the next admission cycle. I have done some work/volunteering abroad with people that don't speak English very well or at all. I'm worried that they won't able to respond appropriately if called. Has anyone faced similar issues, and if so how did you resolve them? Thanks in advance!
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