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  1. Non Albertan C2018 C2019 C2020 C2021 C2022 C2023 %Female 27.27% 50.00% 63.63% 46.15% 55.56% 87.50% %Male 72.72% 50.00% 36.36% 53.84% 44.44% 12.50% Mean Age 23.27 25.00 24.09 24.92 25.00 25.63 cGPA (High) 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 cGPA (Mean) 3.96 3.92 3.98 3.86 3.93 3.89 cGPA (Low) 3.86 3.76 3.88 3.52 3.87 3.72 MCAT (High) N/A N/A 129.75 131.00 131.50 130.50 MCAT (Mean) N/A N/A 128.86 129.04 129.61 128.97 MCAT (Low) N/A N/A 128.00 127.00 127.75 126.50 These are the statistics. I would say your chances are slim, but up to you
  2. I believe rural status is based on your postal code during your high school years. It should give you a boost if that applies to you. As a fellow engineering student (now graduated), I will emphasize that the opportunity cost between engineering jobs in Alberta and medicine is massive. Food for thought.
  3. I'm happy to read over them!
  4. Can confirm that I emailed admissions about this, it is perfectly acceptable, and those grades will not get included in their wGPA. (FYI they accept online/distance courses)
  5. why would it be too late? on another note, most schools will consider your dental school coursework as part of their GPA calculation so make sure you keep working hard and keep your GPA as high as possible. best of luck.
  6. It may jeopardize my current career yes, not every industry is very forgiving of knowing you do not plan on sticking out for the long run (I am coming from a non healthcare field). If they have to choose between promoting you (knowing you are applying to med and they are effectively a plan B.) and someone else, they will pick the other individual. Given how competitive medical school is in Canada, it would not be to my advantage to disclose to a current employer
  7. In the case of a current employer who is not aware that you are applying to medical school (i.e. current career), what are some reasonable options?
  8. I would urge you to research requirements for quebec medical schools. french medical schools in quebec use CRU (cote de rendement universitaire) which uses IFG (indice de force du programme) and may work against you. If computer science is not well regarded you would literally stand no chance even if your gpa were 4.0... From my quick look at ULaval (their CRU is public), you would not meet the cut-offs... As for mcgill and alberta schools, your current gpa would make it quite hard to get an interview, you could give it a shot but more likely than not, you need to raise your gpa by doing a 2nd undergrad
  9. I will be in Calgary June 25th and onwards and will be writing the MCAT in August as well
  10. Merci pour l'info. Je termine mon bacc cette session en fait donc pas vraiment l'intention de faire un autre bacc connexe. J'ai compléter mon bacc en Ontario, mais je suisrésidente du Québec
  11. Aucune idée comme un bacc en génie est perçu par UdeM... J'ai regardé rapidement la table des étalons pour Laval et vraiment c'est très décevant. Avec une moyenne de A c'est seulement converti à un 32,7 environ pour mon programme??? Bref trop bas pour rentrer en médecine... Savez-vous si la CRU pour Montréal est plus haute?
  12. Thanks everyone for the advice! I'll start by writing the MCAT this summer and will work on my ECs/CanMEDS in the coming year. I already know that my biggest weakness will be advocacy on my application. I wasn't planning on doing volunteer work that is directly related to medicine as I actually quite enjoy engineering and I think I would be most useful in some sort of volunteer position that uses those skills. Seems like it would be very questionable to start doing some hospital volunteering at the same time as applying to med school. I have a hard time believing reviews wouldn't look at it somewhat negatively. Any thoughts?
  13. Hello everyone, I am set to graduate in June 2018 with a Bachelor of Engineering from a university in Ontario. I've recently decided to look into the possibility of applying to medical schools in Alberta, Ontario and BC. I've always had an interest in medicine but somehow didn't think I would be able to get in. Now that I am pretty much done with my undergrad, I am considering the option again. I did very well in university (GPA around 3.9 if considering Alberta and probably lower in Ontario, OMSAS scale is a bit less advantageous, have not looked at BC GPA conversion yet) and I am now planning on taking the MCAT this summer. My question has more to do with ECs than grades or MCAT score. Because of my degree and personal circumstances, I've had to work part-time all throughout university as well as complete co-op placements (for experience and to help pay for school). That left very little time for any other type of extra-curricular involvement. I am considering applying for this cycle (for Fall 2019) but I am a bit discouraged by my lack of ECs. I did research as co-ops twice for 4 months each time (nothing to do with medicine) and worked oil and gas for another 8 months. As far as other work experience, I've had many part-time jobs, some more relevant than others (mentor vs McDonalds). I would appreciate any advice on applying for this cycle. My plan is to work after graduation and work on my ECs but I am debating putting money and time into the current cycle.
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