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  1. hmmmm username was the first chunk of my uottawa email (everything up to "@", same password as uOzone and Elantra)
  2. It was referring to documents we have to sign but won’t have time to read on registration day Good to know - I wasn’t able to access Elantra until this morning. I now ventured and round the hybrid model schedule on the preclerkship page... seems more up to date than what’s on Elantra if you want to take a look. https://curriculum.med.uottawa.ca/common/documents/Schedules/Weekly Timetable Templates/Weekly Timetable Template - Hybrid Model_Anglophones.pdf French timetable available under preclerkship page is actually very similar to English one, and shows limited in person components.
  3. Am I the only one getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication from the faculty? Latest email regarding registration specifically mentioned getting documents (information package?) by the end of this week, and looks like we’re not getting anything (on time), yet again... I get that COVID is disrupting everything, but I can’t help but be frustrated. It seems like every other school has been communicating with the incoming class, while we’re still left in the dark.
  4. Only way I can see someone finishing with “only” 100k in debt would be by living with parents, parents providing substantial financial support, spouse providing substantial financial support, and/or substantial savings from previous career... (Ontario specific, because tuition = crazy expensive). Very much doable in other provinces that have way cheaper tuition.
  5. That’s a very interesting approach! I hope Ottawa goes with something similar... still no clear plan so far.
  6. Short answer: no. However, for your benefit, it may be a good idea to get some exposure to healthcare to know what are getting yourself into.
  7. Registration email said that access to tools specific to medicine will be explained during orientation. I think for now it’s only uOzone
  8. uOttawa’s official communication last month was that students were obligated to move to Ottawa for the fall semester... I sure hope it would be for more than 3-4 in-person sessions...
  9. Sort of in the same boat. If I can get away with flying a few times to Ottawa, I’ll definitely consider it. Definitely getting more and more impatient over here...
  10. Hmmm so I checked mine again (French stream) and it still mostly shows only 1 full day? Not clue what’s happening on the English stream side...
  11. The schedules have not been finalized, I would really recommend waiting on hearing from the faculty rather than relying on what’s currently showing on uozone. If I remember correctly, there are minor differences between English and French streams (Thursday afternoon vs Wednesday afternoon for patient interactions?).
  12. Everything @frenchpress said. Focus on getting the best gpa you can, and get involved in whatever interests you. Always put gpa first, it’s harder to recover from poor grades than to build your extracurricular activities.
  13. Hey everyone - wanted to give a quick update. As a returning uOttawa student, it now shows that I’m registered in the program. Seems like the technical issues were resolved and that we should be getting the infamous registration email soon!
  14. You will not be able to write it twice. Only exception to this is if you have to write it in different languages, then you get to write it once for each.
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