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  1. @offmychestplease I’m not at all ignorant about FM. Not everyone plans to run their practice in AB, not everyone wants to do walk ins, work 50-60 hrs per week, etc. Not all FM docs are making 500K per year, there’s nothing wrong with pointing that out? OP can easily do the math themselves. When I PERSONALLY did the math, the breakeven was far later than what I anticipated. That’s all.
  2. so you want to trade your current 6 figures M-F 7.5 hrs, no overnight call + benefits/pension for family medicine...? I mean sure you could, but whyyyy would you do this to yourself. Financially speaking, it doesn't make much sense at all. If it's for other reasons, then yeah go ahead...?
  3. Worth it to apply, some students get admitted every year with a gpa similar to yours. If it will be enough will depend on your Casper and ECs.
  4. If it helps, last year I answered with probably 2-3 sentences. I simply said I would keep working in the field I was in, and work towards getting licensed by the overseeing body (alternate professional career). Nothing fancy, just the simple boring truth, and it didn't stop me from getting an interview.
  5. ouchhhh, that was a low blow... (and this is coming from someone who disagrees with offmychestplease a whole lot)
  6. just answer truthfully lol it's not an exam question, there is no right or wrong answer
  7. Yes absolutely! You can explain it in the description or impact section, depending on how what angle suits you best. It would even be fine to combine various positions from different organizations under a “themed” experience. Good luck!
  8. If anyone knew the answer to your question, Queen’s would not be referred to as a black box...
  9. I believe @PleasePleasePlease is referring to students coming from outside of the Atlantic bubble - not the social bubbles
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