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  1. It is quite uncommon to do an elective and not be invited for an interview at that site. Most often when this happens, it's because the elective didn't go well. To have it happen at all your electives, it means something is wrong. I realize this advice is too late to be useful for you, but for others in upcoming years, I suggest you organize more than 3 reference letters. If you need 3, get at least 5 and rotate them around so that all the programs don't get the same letters. This hedges your bets against a negative letter. I hope things work out for you; good luck.
  2. Histolytica

    Orthopedic Surgery

    It's a bit complicated but not terrible. If you want to move to the States it's completely feasible. Just pick what specialty you want and where you want to practice it. I don't know anything about setting up a private practice clinic. My experience in US is limited to advanced fellowship training.
  3. Histolytica

    Orthopedic Surgery

    I don't know anything about the job market for ortho so listen to the orthopods on that one. Immigration to practice of fellowship in the US is actually fairly easy. I moved to the US for fellowship. I did it on a J1 visa because I was returning to Canada after 1 year. USMLE is not required for a J1 visa. Licensing depends a bit on which state you're in, but Canadian exams are generally considered on par. Work visa is a bit more challenging. If you are thinking about moving to the US to work permanently, then yes just do all the USMLE. It will help your visa status because you can get an H1B pretty easy. Except for the expense and hassle of actually writing the USMLE, there is no downside to having them in your portfolio. It does increase options for you for fellowship or work in the US. There are ways to do it all without the USMLE, but it can be a bit more complicated.
  4. Histolytica

    LOC increase above standard limit

    I tried hard when I was in my last year of residency. I went through the process with rbc, scotia, and md management. Nobody would increase it above $285. It was quite frustrating because I really only wanted 10K more as a buffer during fellowship; but no-dice. I hope you can find something. Good luck
  5. Histolytica

    The Perfect Clerk

    I agree with all of this. A good attitude and strong work ethic is 95% of it. If a clerk is lazy or arrogant, they will be judged poorly no matter how smart they are and how much they know. The best med students are eager to help and learn. Also, know what your limitations are and ask for help when you need it.
  6. Yes, not a big deal. Just tell them in advance you need the day off.
  7. Histolytica

    Unmathched Human Rights Complaint

    I genuinely feel bad for everybody that doesn't match. It is a very difficult thing. From my observation, the vast majority who don't match should have and will make fine doctors when it's sorted out. I'm sorry this has hit a raw nerve for you. However, I stand by my assertion that not everybody is entitled to be a practicing physician. Surely you will agree that some people in med school aren't right for it. Even if this number is incredibly small, I'm sure it applies to somebody. Does it apply to the OP? I don't know. As I said previously I don't know him or his circumstances. The tone of the post seemed pretty angry. He blamed the system but I didn't see any sign of accountability for his own actions (apparently he left a residency position already?). It's very difficult to pass judgment based on limited information. This is true if you agree or disagree with the OP sentiment.
  8. Histolytica


    "Designs for Visions" are a popular brand. There will be a rep assigned to your hospital. If you're just starting, one of the more senior residents should be able to get you in contact with the rep. From what I saw, this usually happens in July. They will show you the options and measure you for a custom fit. And yeah, they aint cheap. Some programs will pay for them but that'll depend on where you are.
  9. Histolytica

    Unmathched Human Rights Complaint

    Maybe you're just too angry+bitter and nobody wants to work with you. I have no idea who you are so this may or may not be true. Just because somebody gets in to med school doesn't necessarily mean they are entitled to work with patients. I hope you're able to find a resolution.