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  1. Do we know when the next wave of offers is?
  2. Je n'ai toujours rien entendu. Quelqu'un d'autre? Merci :)
  3. Pensez-vous qu'il y aura d'autres refus ou si nous avons réussi jusqu'ici, nous serons invités?
  4. Hello, I interviewed at McGill this year but did not get in . I think a major reason as to why I did not get in is because my prerequisites from CEGEP are not great... I am aware that I can take the 4 recommended courses and that these can replace my 7 prereqs from CEGEP. I have already taken 2. Here is my dilemma, I need to take molecular biology (BIOL200) and Cell Biology and Metabolism (BIOL201) still. BIOL 201 is only offered in the winter which means I cannot take it at McGill. BIOL200 I can take in the fall 2018 semester. I was wondering if you have any suggestions as to where/how I can take an equivalent BIOL 201 either in the summer or fall semester? I found an online class at a different university but I need to be sure that it will actually be able to count for the BIOL 201 course. Have you heard of anyone in your years doing this? Thank you!
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