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  1. Summer school to boost my gpa and so far volunteer at the YMCA I'm trying to find places to volunteer during the summer, does anyone one have any ideas?
  2. Hey, I'm about to finish first year of uni. I was wondering you would recommend taking the introductory physics course before writing the MCAT. I have done physics in grade 11 and 12.
  3. lmao I so agree I can't find anything I want on their sites
  4. Hey does anyone know if a full course load is required for US medical school or if they look at your application differently if you have lower than 5 courses per semester?
  5. Hey guys, so I got my mark back and I got 67. I don't understand what is happening I studied and my answers matched the answer key. I chose this course so it would boost my mark, but its now my lowest. This test brought me up to a 64. The drop date is Feb. 15 and I would like to ask one more time what I should do now. I have a 10% test and a 35% exam left and the way things are going I don't think I can improve anymore. Should I just stick with it and complete it with a 65 or drop it? If I drop then I will not have a full course load first year. I am aiming at US medical schools as I don't think I will get in Ontario as of right now.
  6. Hey Guys, I browse this forum quite often and see a lot of people asking for advice on their current situation and received very good advice. To start off I'm in first year at UTM and am in the life science program. I am enjoying it and doing well except for one course, Geography. I took this course thinking it would be a GPA booster but I was wrong. I am currently getting a 62 in the course (my lowest grade right now) and this is because this prof for the first semester was horrible. He would teach us something and put another thing on the test. I studied a lot before each test and I still did horrible (50's). I have 55 more percent to earn in the course and got a new prof this semester who is MUCH better. But I feel as though there is no way I can fix this. We have 2 more tests (10% each) and the exam (55%). If I end up with a 70 it will bring down my GPA by about .2. So I just wanted to know if you guys think I should drop it or finish the course. If I drop it I will end up having 4 credits this year instead of 5 and I am planning to take summer school. Thanks!
  7. This is not true. I can say this as I am a UofT life science student. I wasn't going to come to UofT because I heard it was very hard to get a GPA here. But UofT offered everything I wanted when choosing a university (close to home, good reputaion, choice of program etc.) If you work hard and study then you will get good grades, the harder you work the higher your grades will be. This applies to every school. So don't base ur choice on what other people say is "easy" or "hard" find out for yourself.
  8. 1st year student 1. Introduction to Evolution and Evolutionary Genetics/Diversity of Organisms 2. Chemistry 3. Introduction to Geography 4. Calculus 5. Introduction to Zoroastrianism and South Asian Religions
  9. I was wondering if US medical schools take summer school credits for for the prerequisites they require. I can't seem to find anything on their sites about summer school, but I just want to make sure rather than find out later. Also I was wondering how some of you completed the English requirement? Did you take first year english in second or third year or in summer school? Thanks.
  10. I also have a question regarding courses. I have to generate my final timetable in a couple of days and right now it's absolutly full with: bio, chem, math and philosophy. I have no idea what to do with physics. It is interfering with my courses no matter how much I move the timings around. I was wondering if I'm allowed to take Physics(first year course) in second year? Also is taking all 3 sciences a bad idea because of the amount of work each one takes up? I'm not that great in Physics. I want to do really well first year. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  11. I'm guessing you're in grade 12 as well as the deadline for acceptances are tomorrow. In the end I chose UofT (Mississauga) because it is close to home and I've wanted to go to UofT ever since. Even though I'm hearing horrow stories I'm still not that scared I'm just going to work HARD. Good Luck at York
  12. I agree with this a 100% as I made that decision about a couple of hours ago. I've made the decision to go to UofT (mississauga) for Life Science while Queen's just offered me $3415 + $2000 (work-study). Money can't buy happiness. I know I won't be happy and will be miserable living away from my parents/home. I've also visited Kingston and though the campus is gorgeous I really did not like Kingston and I felt it to be a little depressing. Everytime I would imagine myself living there I would get sad. I know if I'm happier I'll perform better as well. Though it may look like a stupid decision it was the perfect one for me.
  13. I'm deciding between Queen's and UofT (mississauga) for life science. I'm leaning more towards Queen's, does anyone know about the difficultly of this program????
  14. So do you think Biochem is a managable program at Queen's? I know that we pick our majors second year, but I still don't understand why people want to major in Life Science unless they like it :s I'm sorry for all the questions even though you don't attend Queen's. It's just that I have 2.5 weeks to decide on a university and I'm trying to gather as much information I can before I click that accept button.
  15. I'm planning to major in Biochem or chemistry at Queen's. I also have another question when people say they are going to study Life Science do they mean they are going to specialize in it? Also what's the difference course wise between life science and general science? Thanks
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