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  1. IMO, this should not be permitted. It's ripe for corruption. At the very least, a program that keeps losing residents probably shouldn't be getting extra spots...
  2. Look beyond the university campus altogether...
  3. Yeah. Plus...there's nothing to stop you from partying with people outside of med school! Look beyond the med bubble and you'll meet way more interesting people...
  4. I don't have data that would allow me to compare the *prevalence* of harassment between Ontario med schools (I only have internal data from NOSM), because med schools have strongly resisted any efforts to collect such comparative data (e.g. in the sexual harassment survey where "Research Ethics Boards of all 17 Canadian universities with medical schools approved the study but schools, themselves, chose not to have it circulated directly to their students. No school-identifying information was collected.") That's why I stated that, based on my knowledge, uOttawa & NOSM have *the most egregious* cases. What do I mean by that? Well, as we all know, every med school has a certain proportion of faculty members that bully medical students and residents (and almost always get away with it). However, the leadership at certain med schools will go to shocking lengths to further punish victims, at times even *pre-emptively* discrediting them in case they file a formal complaint. They double down and escalate, and they don't stop until they've driven the victim (or witness) of faculty misconduct out of the profession and/or to suicide. It's a coordinated strategy to silence victims and set an example for any other student who many think of reporting (or even just asking the faculty member to stop). Leadership will coerce faculty members (and at times, other students) to carry out these coordinated acts of retaliation at their behest, so that the people at the top can keep their hands clean in case the victim sues (NOSM & uOttawa keep getting sued, over and over again). Think about Trump's approach to whistleblowers (through Barr and other "fixers"), and you start to get an idea of what I'm talking about. Other schools may not hold their faculty members accountable for harassment, but at least they seem to have limits to how many laws they will break (and how many outside organizations they will lean on) in order to intimidate victims and witnesses into silence. They attempt to quietly resolve the issue and deescalate the matter, rather than annihilate the victim. All this to say -- you can be harassed at any medical school. But if you're harassed at NOSM or uOttawa and leadership finds out (even if they find out indirectly from someone else), kiss your career goodbye because they probably won't let you graduate.
  5. UOttawa & NOSM have the most egregious cases of discrimination, harassment and reprisal. Western & UofT the least. Mac and Queens are in the middle. That’s what is most important when picking a school, IMO.
  6. I’ve already lost everything except for my integrity, my dignity, and my voice. That’s all I have left and I won’t sacrifice it for any settlement.
  7. I did two years ago, right after I was suspended. I’ll probably wait until my first HRTO case has gone to trial before I do more press. We’ll see. In the meantime, I use twitter to raise awareness about harassment in MedEd. #MedicineToo advocates for learners experiencing any kind of unfair treatment from faculty members and staff, not just sexual harassment. Here’s a link to the media coverage from 2018:
  8. My lawyer is incredible -- I would trust nobody else to take my case to trial. (I do a LOT of the leg work myself though. Even a dream lawyer can't devote 24/7 to one client's file...)
  9. I would never sign an NDA with NOSM or with my sexual harasser, so that's not an issue. And I know defamation law inside and out, because three lawyers have already threatened to sue me for libel. I remain unconcerned by their empty threats. Edit: Yeah, setting precedent for other trainees has been a central consideration in my legal strategy thus far. I'm awaiting decisions on a couple interim motions that could break new ground!
  10. Well, I've filed in the HRTO. So his name is public record (and always will be, regardless of the outcome of the case). Sure seems like it! But what will NOSM do once I'm really gone and they've got nothing left to hold over my head? Maybe they'll un-fire me just so they can threaten to fire me again?
  11. Actually my lawyer does accept Legal Aid. And once I'm fired, I won't have an income anymore...
  12. You're correct. NOSM attempted to cover up sexual harassment and appears to have dragged multiple external parties (organizations, law firms, etc.) into it. Unfortunately for those third parties, the cover up completely unraveled and now they are all implicated in NOSM's failed conspiracy. I believe at least one lawyer may end up getting disciplined by the Law Society by the time this is all over and done (for perjury, among other things). Fortunately, most of NOSM's faculty members have been smart enough to stay out of it.
  13. Thanks. I have two HRTO proceedings under way: one against my sexual harasser. The other against NOSM and the Vice-Dean for retaliation (including suspending me). NOSM decided to fire me shortly after the HRTO set a trial date for the case against my sexual harasser. PARO's lawyers appear to have been secretly (but unsuccessfully) colluding with NOSM's lawyers to try to trick the HRTO into dismissing my case(s). I would strongly advise residents to be cautious when speaking with PARO -- multiple residents from different med schools have warned me similarly. I consider PARO to be much more of an advocate for AD-PGMEs than for residents, honestly. I have a lawyer; we're not aware of med schools simply ending a resident's training without actually dismissing them from residency. It's kind of a... bizarre approach. It's like they've just completely given up on even pretending they want to follow the law...
  14. CPSO is afraid to speak with me and PARO can't be trusted. So...MOHLTC, then? Anyone contacted them before?
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