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  1. Med Eye

    Long Term Hardcore Mmi Prep

    Does anyone else have further examples of practice questions/resources? Thanks in advance.
  2. Med Eye

    Can I hug an actor?

    What if you asked the permission of the actor?
  3. Med Eye

    On Podcasts...

    Yeh it is awesome. Second that!
  4. Med Eye

    Interview Invites

    It can really vary, I know of a number of US med applicants that did interviews into Jan/Feb of their application season.
  5. Normal but just be careful not ignore the development of your social anxieties as these can really grow fast into unmanageable levels. There's a lot of great resources out there which can help with this . Best of luck to you! :-)
  6. Med Eye

    Are there any normal non arrogant pre-meds?

    Couldn't agree more with this. This is definitely more to do with their deeper insecurities and not about you, but this kind of toxicity is really hard to separate from when you have experienced first hand. Definitely try to reach out to some other students in your class, there are always alternatives even when it does not feel like there is.
  7. Med Eye

    PhD Friendly MD Schools

    Have also heard that as well.
  8. Med Eye

    GPA Conversion Confusion

    Thanks for the link:-)
  9. Med Eye

    Chances at American Medical School?

    Just make sure you get your primary application documents in as soon as possible, just to give yourself a decent chance!
  10. Med Eye

    Venting about GPA conversion

    Well said.
  11. I think on MSAR there is an option for just showing schools that accept Canadians and an an additional one for international students. A lot easier then in other years, the list you linked to seems to be pretty accurate from what I can tell.
  12. Med Eye

    CASPer Test

    Thanks for the links, a buddy of mine in Australia is starting to freak out about CASPer. lol