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  1. Med Eye

    PhD Friendly MD Schools

    Have also heard that as well.
  2. Med Eye

    GPA Conversion Confusion

    Thanks for the link:-)
  3. Med Eye

    Chances at American Medical School?

    Just make sure you get your primary application documents in as soon as possible, just to give yourself a decent chance!
  4. Med Eye

    Venting about GPA conversion

    Well said.
  5. I think on MSAR there is an option for just showing schools that accept Canadians and an an additional one for international students. A lot easier then in other years, the list you linked to seems to be pretty accurate from what I can tell.
  6. Med Eye

    CASPer Test

    Thanks for the links, a buddy of mine in Australia is starting to freak out about CASPer. lol
  7. Make sure you get your primary application in early as it is hard enough as a Canadian, later application can be a real death knell.
  8. Oh man that's terrible. Can't believe the university isn't more supportive - sleeping in a car can not be an acceptable option!
  9. Med Eye

    crying during interview?

    Great advice, right to the point.
  10. Ugh #Lebronto isn't helping on this front!?!?!?
  11. I don't know - have found SDN pretty helpful with all things US but thanks for the warning. lol
  12. Med Eye

    My Chances?

    Too funny!!
  13. 11 days 10 hrs 57 mins - see getting better!?!?!?