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  1. TIME STAMP: 10:40 Result: MTL admitted Pre-req GPA: 3.65 MCAT: 519 Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): Found it very fun and interesting, wanted to repeat it just for the experience lmfao. Year: 1st year post UG IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: Last year got waitlisted/rejected post-interview from other schools (no interview at McGill) so this is kinda nice
  2. Did you provide them with all the relevant documents during application?
  3. I think it would help to realize that Med schools in Canada are just ridiculously hard to get into because of the high number of people applying over the number of seats available. Your friend didn't "cheat" the race, he just chose not to run in the same exorbitantly overpacked track as you and other aspiring CANMED students. Your friend is essentially doing everyone here (incl. applicants and med school committees) a favor by not putting his name and further filling up that track. And as long there are residency spots limited to CANMED students, you shouldn't even worry about those offshore students "stealing" your spot in that regard. I cannot comment about how INTL-trained practionners affect the job market here though, but I do believe that a lot of them end up working in primary care, which we have a huge lack of anyway in Canada.
  4. anyone else like me haven't received an e-mail yet? Starting to think I wasn't even on the waitlist in the first place lmao
  5. check out the premed read it (can't spell the web here). It should already be out by now I believe
  6. godbless chief altho at this point I've accepted that I'm pretty much the last one in their waitlist lmao :'(
  7. everyone probably answered to their last week's email by Sunday, allowing the 2nd wave of waitlist offers to come out yesterday as opposed to today. Now if we knew how long this offer will last for (a week also maybe?) then one could have an idea of when to expect anymore bulk offers, aside from just singular offers here and there before the class if full
  8. First thing you gotta understand is that you shouldn't feel uncomfortable with interacting with women in this manner because as long as you are kind and respectful, it's actually quite flattering for them to have a guy take initiative and show interest in them. Worst case they won't reciprocate your interest in them back to you, yet that will leave you with someone who could end up being a good friend or simply a classmate that you are now acquainted with! So the next time you strike up a convo with a girl you find remotely interesting/attractive, since you will be starting med school this fall in a new university and all, try to end your convo with something like "I'm actually new to this town and I'm trynna get to know ppl. I'd be down to exchange numbers and keep in touch!" Or if you guys find some topics/interests in common during your convo you could add in something like "It's actually a lot of fun talking about [insert topic here] with you. We should grab some coffee sometime and continue this convo". Obv these are just examples and are context-dependant, but the idea is that you show interest in getting to know them and ask for their contact info and as long as you are a genuinely kind person I doubt you'll get a disheartening response. I'd also suggest to make these moves in person, not over FB. You could strike up a convo on FB but unless you've already talked to them in person before, it could give off the impression that you're extremely shy.
  9. welp, here goes another week of uncertainty. lmaoo
  10. All jokes aside, trying to find someone that you can build an intimate relationship is actually very similar to applying to med school. The process is long and filled with multiple rejections -- but all it takes it one of them to be the right fit for you for it to work. With that being, my actual actionable advice to you would be: 1) If you meet a girl even remotely attractive look-wise/personality-wise, offer to keep in touch with her, and then message her and see if she wants to go for a coffee/lunch with you ==> build it from there. Just make sure you remain open minded with your options here! You could fall in love just by talking to someone that you didn't find particularly attractive at first by getting to know them more. Worst case, if you really don't find them interesting you could always fall back. 2) Go to parties/chillings hosted by people in your cohort (ex.: frosh, frat parties). Those are great environments for getting to know ppl and you could literally end up hitting all the milestones you mentioned with a girl the night of if the attraction is mutual. 3) Tinder/bumble are also legit and fkin good. Just make sure you give a genuine and interesting bio + ask a female friend of yours to judge which set of pics to use.
  11. Just flex that you got into a few CANMED school acceptances and let the rest happen like magic
  12. Med students (of all ppl) know best how competitive and difficult it is to get into Med, and that its common for people to require multiple application cycles to get in. I'm 99.9% sure she wouldn't give a damn or look down on you for not having gotten in. Don't let that insecurity come between your conversations with her and you should be set.
  13. Obviously the biggest differentiator is the 4 yr vs 3 yr program -- consider the implications of this. You will graduate a year earlier from McMaster, and this will require a more intense 3 years of Med School with minimal summer breaks. Having 4 yrs allows you to use the longer summers to carry out research or relax, among other activities. On the flip side, saving a year means a year less of schooling = a year extra of work and income. Of course, there is also an argument to be made that doing a 4 yrs programs gives you more time to adequately prepare for matching to a residency of your choice, and this extra preparation time may be key if you wish to enter a competitive residency. But McMaster does bolster a solid match rate, so it's definitely a good choice regardless. Other people can chime in on the experience of living far from home vs staying IP, which is also another major factor to consider in your case.
  14. la plupart de tes intervieweurs risquent d'avoir un accent QC aussi, tkt
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