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  1. With a name like Dr. Kneebone I hope he is in orthopedics
  2. uOttawa and Western too I believe.
  3. bigboydyo

    This Is Insane

    lmao imagine putting all this extra effort and time on some BS that gets you red flagged... some of these gunners need to chill for a second lol
  4. bigboydyo

    Vanier vs Bdeb...which one choose?

    all I know is that Dawson's health sciences program is now the most competitive health sciences across CEGEPs to get into -- meaning that if you get in, you will probably be with high achieving students in a competitive environment (if that's what you are looking for). That being said, aside from the program, the general vibe at Dawson is quite relaxed and fun. But a good chunk of McGill Med-P's do come from Dawson (in 2016, the CEGEP that sent the highest number of MedPs at McGill was Dawson), so it's definitely a good program to go into Med-P afterwards.
  5. bigboydyo

    Vanier vs Bdeb...which one choose?

    Might want to check out the Cote R bonification between the two schools (if there any for these schools. So far I know that Brebeuf and Mari have sizeable bonuses). That is usually a relevant metric for choosing a CEGEP that would be appropriate for premed application. Language is not too much of a factor IMO (besides the comfort you have in terms of studying in one language over the other), especially if you are quite bilingual. Plenty of folks from Brebeuf high school and CEGEP have entered McGill Med-P and have excellent understanding and communication in English. And you relearn the relevant terms in your Med-P year anyway so you won't have to do a lot of catching up, for what it's worth. Good luck!
  6. bigboydyo

    This Is Insane

    Not all pubs require equal effort/time/commitment. Writing letters for instance counts as publications but they may not require the same level of effort and time and resources as a basic sciences paper. You don't need to be better than everyone else to get in. As long as you hit the average (based on admissions stats) on all the factors (GPA, MCAT, ECs, etc), and maybe have one or two unique things that differentiate you from the sea of premeds, you will be fine.
  7. You probably don't have to resubmit. They are gonna receive a bank of photos with e-mails/banner IDs you had to write down when uploading the photo; it's not based on which e-mail you used to access the link. In fact, anyone can open the link (from any e-mail, or from any computer/browser), it doesn't mean that their e-mail gets added as a potential interviewee :P.
  8. bigboydyo

    Should I fight for marks??

    they usually have an obligation to entertain demands for revisiting/explaining marks for a quiz/lab report, etc. Meaning that they can't choose to avoid you. If you approach them in a level-headed manner and discuss the correction (ex.: ask them why did u get a mistake. If you feel like its still unjustified, show them how u came to the answer, ex. by using a textbook, because sometimes they may not be aware of the different possible answers), there will be no problem. And yes, people do contest marks, there is no shame/problem with doing so. Worst case your points don't change, and you learn your mistake. Best case you get some marks.
  9. bigboydyo

    Interviews 2019

    For stats Invited at 2:19 PM (OOP) GPA: 3.8 MCAT: 519 ECs: various, but irrelevant to Interview Maritimes connections: I was very confident it's what they wanted. Glad I was right. For anyone thinking about this section, make sure your experiences are genuine (it's easy to tell if they are not) and that you made an educated decision about wanting to study at Dalhousie and live there long term.
  10. bigboydyo

    Interviews 2019

    just came out! I think I got an IV, its not very clear as it seems to be a generalized email but they are showing steps on how to register for the Interview so I'm guessing I got one lol
  11. I really think they mean diverse individuals. Hence the "(gender identity, ethnicity, SES, religious beliefs...)".
  12. bigboydyo

    How competitive is OOP?

    come back here next week to find out who got invites and with what stats. OOP inv is also heavily based on your connections to the maritimes.
  13. Wow that comment just lit me up like a bulb... with a 129 CARS and 3.79 cGPA as OOP I was wondering if I even stood a chance for an IV. Ofc, it all depends on the Casper now, but it's still a relief to hear this.
  14. should put a comment where u write down their e-mail address, and mention why they should use the e-mail. I did that for one of my verifier's who happens to be Deaf
  15. TBH this year's acceptance GPA has been ridiculously high for other schools too, such as McGill which has seen a historically high IP acceptance avg GPA of 3.88. My take on this: People are starting to figure out CASPer so it's no longer a "roadblock" for certain folks. Previously, it was hard to do well on CASPer unless if you possessed some natural talent and understanding of ethical situations (in particular if your thought process was similar to what they were looking for), but with better resources out there practically everyone can learn the important points to raise to get a good CASPer. So with CASPer scores becoming more homogenous, it's back to GPA being the king factor.