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  1. western Australia didn't talk about DAT minimum in their website at all.but other information are right
  2. if u don't mind, how many people do u know in top third?do u think waitlist only moved one spot?
  3. you have to finish the course on august? the admission is for January 2020 righT? so why can't you get it on September?
  4. so when can u finish the course ? fist semester?(sept to December)
  5. omg that sucks.just because of 1 course.do u know if they give conditional offer or not?
  6. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone is applying to Melbourne for the upcoming cycle? does anyone know is there any possibilities to waive one of their requirement?I have physiology and pharmacology bachelor and I have so many courses except anatomy-although I have some courses similar to it but its not anatomy basically. I would appreciate if you help me through this
  7. hello guys I applied to Melbourne dentistry and I have a bachelor in physiology. I have all the requirements except anatomy which is only 1 course?do u think they will accept my other physiology courses as they have PRETTY MUCH same content or not?is there any way to waive this 1 course?
  8. Guys, did anyone else got invites/rejection? I am IP student and I did not receive any email yet.
  9. me and my friend also love to join your group for MMI prep. My email is nim925@mail.usask.ca let me know if you want to get together after the break. Good luck on your exams Niloufar
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