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  1. What about IP? I did not get anything
  2. do you know anyone IP who got rejected?
  3. Guys, did anyone else got invites/rejection? I am IP student and I did not receive any email yet.
  4. nil

    MMI partner (online practice)

    I am interested too
  5. nil

    MMI Prep

    me and my friend also love to join your group for MMI prep. My email is nim925@mail.usask.ca let me know if you want to get together after the break. Good luck on your exams Niloufar
  6. Did CDA replied to any body?
  7. I believe the schools do not care when did you write your DAT and they just look at the Scores not percentile ( at least U OF Saskatchewan works this way as I asked them personally), which is Totally unfair. and I have no Idea what happens that they CDA decides to lower the scale!!!!
  8. I want to email CDA, and I am looking for percentile charts from last year to support my claim. could anybody put a link for me here, I couldn't find any DAT score scale expect the NOV 2018 . Thanks
  9. hey I am in edmonton.I was wondering if I can have IQ Publication books. I really appreciate it .
  10. I know 2 +1 person in this forum who said she is rejecting because of med.
  11. whats going on guys? I heard so many people declined for med but they did not contact anybody yet. this is so rare.
  12. IP moved at least 2 spot because I already know 2 people declined for U of T dentistry.But you are right i think it move alot after may because other school release their result and also medicine will release the result as well.
  13. Do you know how many people from IP waitlist?