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  1. Haha I've just been worried bc of my GPA. For example, particularly rattled for a school like UofT where based on what I've seen on the forums, all accepted applicants seem to be around 3.9 or higher.
  2. So I'm a recent graduate, and am looking to apply to dental schools during the next admission cycle. My stats are as follows: GPA: 1st yr: 3.56; 2nd yr: 3.58; 3rd yr: 3.82; 4th yr: 3.94; 5th yr: 3.94 cGPA: 3.77 (86.9%); lowest yr dropped: 3.82 (88.35%); best-2-years: 3.94 (91%) Canadian DAT score: 24AA (Bio/Chem/RC: 22/26/24) 25PAT ECS: Various volunteering experiences (in various healthcare settings, at-risk communities; mentoring services; etc); limited shadowing experience; diverse employment experiences such as graphic designer, research assistant, university residence services etc; Research: 3rd author on a publication and 1000+ hours of research (multiple publications on the way) ***It is worth noting that my shadowing experience was acquired abroad (Currently trying to find shadowing opportunities in ON, but having a hard time) I realize that my GPA is fairly low, and so I was wondering if anyone be able to provide me with some insight/advice regarding my chances of gaining acceptance at a Canadian school. Or should I be seriously considering applying abroad (i.e. Australia and the US)? Thanks in advance
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