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  1. I feel like if it does have an impact on cutoffs, it won't necessarily be a hard cutoff for CARS. I say this because 128 vs 129 is 89 and 95 percentile respectively. Dropping CARS to 128 essentially doubles the applicant pool assuming the percentile ranks is reflective of the Canadian Pre-med population. This would net you a lot more than closer to 1000 students by reducing just 1 category of the MCAT. My most suspected mechanism for the aABS this year is still that it'll be used as a red flag criteria like the reference letters, or that this is a test year. However, another case that they may work is perhaps taking a broader look at students who are very close to the cutoffs. Take for the example the 129-128 CARS "cutoff". I put cutoffs in quotations because that is the keyword here. The cutoff will still be 129 CARS assuming status quo, BUT for students who do have 128 CARS and showing extenuating circumstances or distinguishing features in their aABS, they'll be offered an interview based on a case-to-case basis. The official cutoffs are still 129 for CARS in this example, but a distinguishing few may be granted an interview. Now apply this to the other academic aspects such as CP/BB/PS MCAT scores or GPA, and I can totally see a role of of the aABS fitting in here. This wouldn't impact the interview pool number drastically as maybe they'll offer something like 50 additional "hollistic" interviews in addition to the regular 450, making for an even 500 interviewee. This way they can satisfy their objective of being more hollistic, not upset their nominal applicant pool and minimize any additional pre-interview selection workload.
  2. I definitely don't disagree with your logic, but I simply wanted to share what I was told specifically by the the admissions office. The lady whom I had a chat with was unable to divulge a ton of information about the aABS but she seemed adamant on the fact that it will not impact cutoffs. How is this going to work? I don't know. There is no flaw in your logic with regards to the impact of the aABS should have on the cutoff if it is going to affect the pre-interview selection process. However since I've been given information that it will not impact the cutoff directly from the admissions office, I can't really agree with you. There are theories such as it being a trial year, or that it's going to be used more as a reference or maybe strictly a "red-flag" tool to remove applicants with stellar academic stats, but lackluster life experience. Again, I'm in the same boat as you so I thought I'd share any information that may be of use. To your second point, ah okay. That makes sense and is a logical assumption that more students would apply.
  3. Confidential was used in a context mentioning that how they will use these aABS will not be disclosed, versus say the GPA/MCAT cutoffs which are published yearly. As for the cutoffs, I am simply relaying what I've been told. However for you to say they will "100%" affect the cutoffs seems like an absolute statement which you cannot know for certain unless you are part of the admissions office yourself. I understand the seemingly contradictory information being given but there are several possible explanations listed above speculated by other members. As for the cutoffs dropping, why would you assume they will drop if you think there are going to be more applicants, hence more potential competitive applicants this year? Furthermore, why are you certain there will be more than the usual amount of applicants this year?
  4. To clarify, the part where I think it'll be a post interview thing is purely my speculation. The information I was given was that there is not much information to be given, the process will be confidential and similar to the ABS for dentistry, and that it will not impact cutoffs. Hope this helps to those who were wondering as I certainly was unsure what to make of the new aABS.
  5. From contacting the admissions office, it seems that the aABS is more of an additional item on the list. However I was told that it will not affect the cutoffs. Perhaps it is strictly a post interview consideration? Or for this year it is a test run.