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  1. Invite, NB 4.0/515 Second time interviewing at Dal, hopefully it goes better this time!
  2. IP (NB) - rejected, no waitlist GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 515 ECs: very unconventional, was unsure how Dal would view these, so I was pleased I scored above average on this component of the application Overall score: 70.4/100 The interview sunk me, I knew it wasn't great but was surprised it was as low as it was -- 22/40. I tired myself out preparing for the MUN interview, and when it came time for Dal I just wasn't focused or prepared. While I'm disappointed, MUN is by far my preferred choice and I actually felt really great about their interview, so we'll see! For anyone wondering, a 515 MCAT worked out to a 9/10 score, I believe there's been a lot of speculation on this.
  3. Felt really good about the traditional & half the MMI stations. The other half were mostly fine, there was one that was really bad though. At two MMI stations & the traditional the interviewer said I did really well at the end, which kind of psyched me out. Do they just say that to everyone to calm nerves?
  4. NB applicant, also got the interview email a few minutes ago
  5. From this page: https://medicine.dal.ca/departments/core-units/admissions/about/class-profile.html Last cycle there were 15 spots for 589 OOP applicants. Definitely not easy, but keep in mind your GPA and MCAT already gives you a competitive advantage over a lot of those applicants. If you have a connection to the maritimes that's a big help too.
  6. From the Dal website it says: I may be misinterpreting this, but for a normal distribution the probability of doing better than 1.5 sigma below the mean is over 90%. Surely this isn't filtering out too many applicants?
  7. I looked at the supplemental form and noticed this, it's definitely my biggest weakness. It's 30 points for the whole thing and there's four sections - do you think that means it's 7.5 pts per section, or would they be weighted differently? What kind of score is competitive is general? For New Brunswick residents? I feel like it'd be kind of disingenuous to start volunteering a couple of months before the application. Edit: looking at it again the 30 points also includes the essay.
  8. I looked into MUN but I don't think I qualify because I didn't take any English in university. The 6 credit requirement seems pretty arbitrary. I consider myself fairly well read, and I took AP English back in high school for whatever that's worth.
  9. That's good to know! I guess that goes two ways though - is there even any point applying to OOP schools?
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