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  1. It's supposed to be 35 entering QYOT, and 35 from the BSc program, so a total of 70! We will all be together for courses in QY I believe
  2. I'll be attending McGill for OTQY. I'm from the west coast, so if anyone is looking for a roommate/has any tips about renting in montreal, I'd love to connect!
  3. For those of you on the waitlist, it's moving! I received an offer to nominate to GPS yesterday. Good luck everyone!
  4. May I ask what your cGPA was? I'm getting a bit antsy because I haven't heard anything yet!
  5. I don't think research is as important as it's been made out to be. I didn't have any research on my app (besides a project I did for one of my courses), and it didn't hurt me too badly on the NAQ.
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