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  1. They'll take your most recent one, so on OMSAS just change the most recent completion date to the one you're taking on Friday. If you've already submitted I think you can do it via SAM.
  2. Hello all! I am applying this year for the 2nd time, and changing some aspects of my application from last year. I have a question/concern regarding an inconsistency between my applications, if anyone can possible help me out? I worked at an animal clinic overnight sort of "on call"-- often up to 12 hours at a time. The total amount of hours I spent was probably like 850, but of course, since I could sleep in between or nothing may be going on in the clinic, my "true" # of hours is probably about 400-500. Last year when I applied I put in 850, not thinking of the purpose they even ask for the number of hours worked. This year, I want to put in the approximate hours that reflect the true work I've put into this position. Will this raise any alarms at medical schools/OMSAS? Thanks a lot everybody!
  3. Alternatively, they get the CARS score to narrow it down to some number higher than 450, but less than total # of applicants (obviously closer to 450, so like 128 CARS), and the rest is determined by the ABS. Based on the wording, I just feel like they're applying the ABS: "Effective July 2018, we will be incorporating a more holistic approach towards applicants to Schulich Medicine. Emphasis will be not only on academics but also on non-academic traits and life experiences, ensuring our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion." But like you said, it's all speculation and Western is a crapshoot for predicting this sort of stuff :-)
  4. The form itself says it is being scored and the website says the form is being used to determine who receives interview invites. How can that be interpreted as being anything but them decreasing the cutoffs? They always say that cutoffs are subject to change and are determined by the applicant pool, so I'm not sure what the person meant when she told the guy above that they wouldn't have an impact on cutoffs, since they wouldn't know what they are. My prediction: 128 CARS, about the same B/B and C/P. Probably adding P/S.
  5. No, if you don't have 30 credits in at least 1 year when applying, you are not eligible to apply.
  6. Gironomo

    French Casper Date

    Wait is it actually top 30%? As in you have to score in the top 30% of CASPer to even have your file advance? Wow, that's intense.
  7. Did they remove the form where you had to manually input your grades into OMSAS? I can't find it, but I remember having to do it last year. I guess they'll do that part when they receive the transcript? Thanks.
  8. Gironomo

    Anybody else feel like this?

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate you taking the time to write that out-- it definitely helps to hear that. I will surely be applying more broadly this upcoming cycle! Haha, yeah, I try to show my appreciation as much as I can in those emails, but it's hard not to be neurotic sometimes!
  9. Gironomo

    Anybody else feel like this?

    Thanks for your response. I applied to Ottawa and McMaster. I had a 126 CARS, and 1 pub, 3 years volunteering with local literacy organization, 1 conference, 2 years working with housing organization in a leadership position and some retail jobs. Yeah, I never let my anxiety or paranoia show to most people. I only talk about it with very close friends and family, and I guess this anonymous forum. I have never had a problem with interviews, interactions and have done well to sell myself for positions, but I can't shake off the "after feeling" if that makes sense. I only ask questions that I can't find answers for anywhere online, and in retrospect, maybe I don't email that much but it's really easy for me to inflate the effect. It's 100% something I need to work on, and I don't think it affects my actual chances at getting in, but it certainly affects my perception of them. Thanks again, I appreciate it.
  10. Does anybody else who wasn't successful this cycle feel like they have no chance? I only applied to 2 schools, but I was rejected pre-interview to both and now I keep overthinking every little thing and I can't help but feel like as soon as I send in my app, it is already DOA to the medical schools for whatever reason. It's getting pretty bad, I achieved a 4.0 GPA for two consecutive years, had a solid plan to rewrite the MCAT this summer, and work really hard on my apps but I keep psyching myself out with stuff that are virtually nonexistant. For example, I feel like I've emailed some med faculties so many questions that I convinced myself they put my name on a "do not admit" list because of something I said/how often I email them and they'll somehow distribute concerns about the emails to all the other med faculties. Anybody have any tips to get over feeling this way?
  11. Hi everybody, just a quick question probably stemming from my paranoia-- can a bad reference letter in one application cycle affect one's chances for the following application cycle at other schools? I didn't get an interview invite this cycle and I have one referee who may not have written a *glowing* letter. It was my research supervisor, with whom I interacted with regularly but it was hard for me to read whether she was expression-less with everybody or if she didn't like me.. the grad students in the lab say that she's just like that, but in the event that she wrote a bad reference letter, will this information be distributed to schools across Canada? I'm hoping to apply more broadly this upcoming cycle, but cannot shake off the idea of being rejected pre-interview from all because of this. P.S. I only applied to Mac and Ottawa and rejected pre-interview, are reference letters even looked at before the interview? Thanks.
  12. Gironomo

    Ontarian Can't Apply?

    You can, but your chances are pretty nil. I think only Laval accepts Ontarians, and it has 1 spot for those.
  13. Gironomo

    Applying to grad school + MD

    Thank you so much for this reply! Really puts my mind at ease Edit: So the applications aren't through the same system? I notice that for McGill, the application is through Minerva but for graduate programs, it is uApply?
  14. Gironomo

    No more spots for Aug?

    I had a friend sign up for a TBD location in Toronto last summer and the site turned out to be in Whitby. She tried calling them and they said nothing can be done.
  15. Hi, Does anybody know if it's frowned upon to apply to grad school while applying to MD (at the same schools)? I want to apply for some direct entry PhD positions, while applying to medicine. My ultimate goal is to be an MD/PhD, but I'd rather skip the Masters. Just wondering if doing so will harm my application for either program. I am concerned about McGill in particular. Thanks, G