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  1. Hi all, Did anybody receive any sort of confirmation that applications were received, questions, etc. from any Ontario med schools? I haven't heard anything other than OMSAS and starting to get worried..
  2. Gironomo

    OMSAS GPA Calculations

    Yeah I'll probably check again in the afternoon tmw and give them a call. thanks for your help!!
  3. Gironomo

    OMSAS GPA Calculations

    I do, but when I click it, it just gives me the information about the instituition and degree. no grades, which is weird because my OMSAS gpa is correctly under document tracking
  4. Gironomo

    OMSAS GPA Calculations

    There's nothing there for me except the info I entered about my degree guess I'll have to email them too
  5. quoi penses tu? vous etes postulant en faculte de medecine francaise.. alors votre CASPer doit etre en francais en tout cas, il n'y a pas meme option a envoyer votre resultat a UdeM si vous prennez le CASPer anglais.
  6. Gironomo

    OMSAS GPA Calculations

    you're fine. they'll fix it. where do you see this under academic background?? does anybody else have no transcript info there but does have an omsas GPA under document tracking?
  7. Gironomo

    OMSAS GPA Calculations

    Where do you go after academic background? I clicked view on my transcript but it just gives me info about my degree, no course info.
  8. just cGPA, if it's the same format as previous years. its too much work to do every school's GPA lol
  9. last year I used google translate during my test for the french CASPer because i wasnt sure on a word.. will this impact my casper evaluation this year? i didnt know they can see the screen
  10. My first year GPA was a 3.72 and I managed to bring it a 3.90 cGPA, 4.0 2Y/Best GPA and 3.99 wGPA. It's very possible to rebound, you just have to be choosy with your courses and always prioritize GPA
  11. Gironomo

    Chances for invite

    Similar stats. 3.90 and 127 CARS. It all depends on CASPer. I'm guessing we will need about an average/above average CASPer.
  12. Gironomo

    Competitive GPA?

    how do you know this? not doubting you, i have been going by what the website says and curious to know if there's anything else out there. it does make sense that they're at a cut off, since queens seems rather forgiving with the academic parameters (option of 2 gpa choices, taking best MCAT etc) after thinking about it some more wouldn't they just say "based on sketch and reference letters, a rank order list is generated"?
  13. Yep, reread the instructions and realized it would be misleading based on the instructions given if I put the time prospectively. Thanks!
  14. I'm currently doing a 1 year contract position starting in September. Obviously, my accumulated time to date is 1 month or so. However, I feel if I enter that option it does not accurately represent the time commitment I am putting into this position. Anybody else in this situation? What did you do?
  15. i think they only upload the brief personal essays to turn it in, not the detailed ABS. reread what it says on the website its easy to miss the first time