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  1. Hey looking to start a study group for the spring exam. Feel free to leave email here or in PMs and we'll get a group going.
  2. Hey guys, In the US, geriatricians function as medical directors for assisted living facilities. I'm finishing up a geriatrics fellowship over the next year here in the U.S and have a job position in Southern Ontario set for next year. I was wondering in addition to clinical work, if geriatricians have options for administrative work at these facilities. Thank you
  3. Got my score today. 263 as a pass. I got a 75 on the practice test. Not sure if they're supposed to correlate.
  4. Mind sharing source? Would like to see data for other specialties.
  5. I don't know yet of a limit on consults per day. Honestly though while it would limit our income potential I wouldn't mind it. Internal medicine in the states is just a game about how many patients you can rush through without harming anyone that I don't mind that Canada forces you to take your time. It ends up being better medicine. What I kind of don't like though is say I was done with a patient in 65 minutes, I'd bill 175 for a general consult instead of 300 for a complex consult if I had kept them in the room for 10 minutes more. I guess you have to put the cutoff somewhere though.
  6. So you're bound by the time to the minute here, not the complexity. And that means if you're not an academic you can only hill for the face to face time.
  7. Looking over the OHIP schedule of benefits it seems like a complex GIM consult is 75 minutes. I don't know anything about billing yet but in the states an attending will bill based off complexity and even though a time usually corresponds to it, they're not bound by the quoted time. For example an attending will hill a consult as 70 minutes even if they only saw the patient for like 45. Is it the same in Canada or when it says 75 minutes for a complex GIM consult do you have to actually see the patient a full 75 minutes?
  8. Was your school score similar? Do we have any clue how these correlate with the QE1 score? Is a 70 amazing or is it terrible or in between? I got a similar score to you and wish we had a frame of reference.
  9. Did any of you guys take the practice tests on mcc.ca? Are they similar to the one your school provided? The results PDF doesn't mention what scores are considered average, just tells you to work on your weak areas (gee, thanks).
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