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  1. the problems caused by oversaturation resulting from people going to school abroad and coming back for certification affect a lot of professions. lawyers have it way worse. i think only the medical profession has stayed relatively insulated from this problem because of the static number of residency positions which acts as a gatekeeping function.
  2. In off the HWL as of this morning! might have been the spot lemon_tree declined--thank you!!! very excited. this was my 2nd year applying as I didn't do so great in the interviews last year. don't lose hope, and if this is what you want to do, don't give up!
  3. Sorry to revive an older thread, but does anyone have a downtown Toronto bank contact that can offer the LOC with prime minus 0.5? Thank you!
  4. the early UofT offers resulted in some candidates cancelling their interviews at Schulich (i.e. the candidates that got UofT offers), meaning there is a stronger likelihood that there is less waitlist movement this year because there could be fewer candidates declining Schulich for UofT dental (since some of those accepted at UofT already cancelled their Schulich interview). hopefully the schulich administration factored that into consideration for their HWL...
  5. if you don't mind me asking, did you decline recently? it's been quiet on the schulich waitlist movement this year... last year people were seeing waitlist movement 1-2 weeks after offers went out.
  6. there will likely be more waitlist movement in May when med school offers go out (May 8, 2018) and some students accept their med school offer and decline their dental school offer
  7. According to last year's thread, the high waitlist did not clear--which means it didn't make it to the normal waitlisters.
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