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  1. Rejection Time Stamp: 1:15 PM Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.94/4.00 Current year: UG Complete ECs: To be honest, I was expecting a rejection and medical school was a spontaneous decision for me as I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in April 2019. My goal is dentistry (father is dentist and have done many things in the field of dentistry)..I have received an invite to UoT dental and expecting UWO as well. I thought overall my EC's were above average but not a lot of "medical" experiences. Was a teaching assistant for 10 courses, ran a charity that tutors underprivileged students, volunteered in an exercise program to help those undergoing chemotherapy, receptionist in a dental clinic for the homeless, ran Pre-Dental club at the University I did my undergrad at, NSERC URSA, few others. Unfortunately, I could not put my clinical research position at a company called Sernova (regenerative medicine company to treat chronic diseases) since I received a job offer after the app was due, as well as an non-profit organization I have created for Type 1 diabetics that is about fitness/nutrition and normalizing blood sugars. Around 4300 applied, so I am sure it is super competitive but its worth it to apply and see if you have a chance! Good luck to all applicants and keep chasing your goals. Casper: I thought it was fine, fast typer and used tons of personal experiences. No red flags, thats for sure.
  2. Forgot to update.. Applying to UWO with 94.5% (top 2) and received interview to UoT with these stats. DAT all comes down to luck imo. This year was a lot easier than Nov 2018. Bio: 25 Chem: 22 RC: 21 PAT: 21 AA: 23
  3. Based off previous statistics: GPA meets cut-off. AA/RC is lower than average. EC's are average in my opinion.
  4. Invite! (graduated, taking a gap year) GPA: 3.87 (3 year gpa with summer courses) DAT: 23 AA, PAT 21 Casper: was unsure tbh, didn't really practice that much but had lots of personal experiences for questions I answered! Personal statement: Have strong EC's imo so talked about these and parallel to dentistry; father is a dentist that graduated from Schulich, so grew up with lots of dentistry! Greatest Accomplishment: Was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in April 2019! Talked about how I have been thriving.
  5. I just realized I didn't post my take on everything MDT: Soap was different material, I think it was fine but not perfect. First time doing this section so can't estimate a score but not a 30. Pattern was simple. SNS: Biology was a walk in the park for me since I did well in developmental biology at my university and tutored it in subsequent terms. Other questions were straight forward. I think I got 1 wrong for sure but other than that I am most confident about this section. Gonna go with 24-27 depending on scale this year. Chemistry I found to go great as well but definitely 2-3 questions tripped me up. Gonna go with low 20s. PAT: Thank you Crusher and thank you CDA. A lot easier than last year and easier than Crusher. 20+ for sure. It is all practice so do practice tests everyday leading up to the DAT in October and you should be good to go. RC: I commented above on this. Got a little stressed out. Last year I didn't do as well as I thought and definitely got PTSD from this section. Gonna go with 18-20 I am no pro at comprehending my first language but do have a photographic memory when it comes to science. I think it will come down to "lucky guesses". Only about a month until we get our scores back (around Dec 10-11 I believe).
  6. What was your RC? I am applying to UWO with 94.4 but worried as heck for RC lol. I heard cut-off is 18-19?
  7. The Ksp question was something about what changes at constant temp if not at equilibrium. I think many put delta G. But now that I think about it, could've been the E cell potential if you think of how a battery works. And yeah you are correct. Last year for example, 20 was highest for biology, 21 highest for PAT. So hard to tell about the scores. I am glad that majority found RC hard though gives me relief.
  8. I agree with you on RC. It was the hardest section for Nov 2019 DAT. I think the CDA was trying to force us to read entire passage before answering questions. I usually do 1/2 read then answer as many questions but I found this did not work and it caused me to stress out a little bit as time was flying by during this test so the next two passages I just read and answered all the questions right away (then would flip back if I was unsure on a couple). Hard to predict the score for this section. Oh well it is what it is. RC has stopped me from getting into dentistry before..
  9. I thought it was easy. For context, I just graduated so it was a little easier since I took many biology courses and already had a strong foundation. To review though, I made my own notes using Campbell's powerpoint slides, DAT Princeton review, and Kaplan. I also would watch YouTube videos and added to my notes. After this (which took about a month), I only did practice tests off of crusher, bootcamp, DATReady, IQ publications. I would record my scores and usually got between 36-37/40 in 12-15 minutes. On the actual DAT, I finished biology in 12 minutes and then did chemistry..then I had about 20 minutes left over to go back to biology to double check every answer. I'm not going to lie, sometimes it comes down to luck in the biology section. This November, we got about 10 developmental biology questions, which I got 100% in at my university and tutored it in following terms so those were piece of cake for me. I am not so good at plants and actually was worried about it but we just had the definition of xylem function. EDIT: Now that I think of it, at least TWO out of the developmental biology questions were questions that I have never seen on any prep book or website before. Someone above mentioned a mutation of the acrosomal vesicle, this is a fair question. But fast block to polyspermy in SEA URCHINS? I've only ever seen that in the course I took so I had to use knowledge from that course NOT the prep books/other resources.
  10. They didn't say in email to me, I am assuming it is my RC that did not meet the cut-off..sucks!
  11. Rejected IP 4th year undergrad Top 2 years (2nd/3rd): 89.5 DAT: 19AA/17RC/18PAT Going to work on RC for the next DAT in November as I did not meet cut-off and reapply with a higher average (approx. 92-93). Good luck everyone!
  12. Hi just a question for UoT. Is it your top 2 year GPA? I don't think it said on the website, if anyone can answer this would appreciate it.
  13. On application its dental shadowing, you are applying to be a dentist why would you want to say you shadowed cardiologist? It asks for the days shadowed and can put up to 5 different dentists that you shadowed.
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