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  1. Hi!! I would love to join the group too. I'm near Milton/ Mississauga
  2. Hi ! For anyone planning on writing the February 2019 DAT, my DATcrusher account is available until March 25, 2019. I am selling it for a discounted price since I am no longer using the account. I wrote the Novemeber 2018 DAT and I highly recommend DATcrusher for Canadian students writing the DAT or need practice. Please message me or reply to this for more details!
  3. Do we receive a formal letter indicating class size is full and no more waitlist movement? Has anyone received it yet??
  4. I feel you honestly they need to tell us how many spots have moved and keep us updated... we're already anxious enough not knowing our WL number
  5. Does calling admissions to ask any helpful? Just wondering if they give out any info. regarding the movement...
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