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  1. Hi! I have an undergraduate gpa of 3.79. I'm only IP for UBC, and OOP for all the other dental schools. Is it worth it applying to other Canadian Dental Schools like Mcgill and UofT as OOP? I feel my GPA is not competitive enough for me to receive an interview.
  2. I heard Boston is becoming less Canadian friendly. Can someone confirm this?
  3. Does anyone know what schools look at GPA and DAT scores more, rather than extracurriculars? I think my GPA and DAT scores are competitive, but I am a little short on the extracurriculars
  4. Does anyone know if Sydney uses rolling admissions like the US schools? Also, I think Sydney cancelled interviews this year due to covid, can someone confirm this please?
  5. Just wondering how do you check your casper? I thought they wouldn't tell us anything
  6. What are some Canadian dental schools that are friendly to OOP? Excluding UBC, because I am from BC
  7. Does anyone know how many seats are reserved for OOP? I am from BC, so wondering what are my chances of getting into Dalhousie as an OOP? Or does anyone know what dental schools are relatively easier to get into as OOP? (excluding UBC for me)
  8. bought it today, december 29th, account will expire 3 months later
  9. Will buy it soon, account expires 3 months later. Anyone interested in sharing the account? Multiple people can use it at the same time. We will share the cost together.
  10. Anyone interested in buying DAT Bootcamp together and share the cost? Multiple people can use it at the same time. Will buy it today or tomorrow, account expires 3 months later.
  11. Hi, anyone knows if Chem 203 and 213 at UBC meets the organic chem requirement for Manitoba- CHEM 2210 and 2220? I have emailed Manitoba and they said these 2 classes only transfer for CHEM 2210, I need CHEM 204 or CHEM 214 for CHEM2220. But UBC stopped offering 204 or 214 a couple years back. Anyone knows what I should do? Should I try to take this class at a different university?
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