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  1. I've emailed too, and haven't heard back either... If its a rejection, its a rejection - just let us know lmao.
  2. wtf??? i’m worried this is the case w me... goddamn. I’d email back informing them that you didn’t get an email, and would like to know the status. I emailed earlier today but haven’t heard back yet.
  3. have y’all heard yet??? GIVE ME SOMETHING UOFT PLEASE (and by something make it an invite pls)
  4. CONGRATS!!! so sorry to ask but when’d you receive your invite? (i’m still waiting to hear back)
  5. So like... is anyone else waiting? I still havent heard anything, i'm about to punch the goddamn wall
  6. I feel like this long wait is so agonizing... I would like to really solidify planning my upcoming steps for the next cycle but don't want to commit to anything until after I know for sure I'm rejected... It really makes life so much harder. Hopefully, something comes out this week! It's been a dry few weeks since they've last sent invites. Best of luck to everyone - you're all such amazing applicants and if we don't get in this cycle, get disappointed (you have a right to, we put in a lot of work into this cycle), but remember to get up and try again. We got this.
  7. Hey! Does anyone know if we can put commitments such as a work-study in the fall-winter upcoming year on ABS? or if i'm volunteering and continuing in the school year with projected hours? Or does it have to be only previous experiences that were completed? Thanks!
  8. Hey! I've lurked these pages for so long, and I don't think you'll get the answer you're looking for. This is YOUR cycle my dude! you never know how they'll be looking at your application, what your chances are, unless you apply. Put your 100% into your application, show your skills, your experience, what you like, why you'd be a good doctor via your ABS (remember to include CANmeds framework). dont overload your ABS w the work you've done, outline important meaningful ones, ones where they can tell that you've learnt something new or strengthened previous skills. With any application period, you never know how it is until you apply. And worst comes to worst, you may not get an interview. but you pick yourself back up, you work for a year, build your experience, maybe take a few extra courses and try again! - from a fellow applicant, best of luck
  9. Search for it in instagram! I found a few links and It worked for me I'll look for it and dm you when i find it
  10. If you want practice as well, i'd suggest using uworld and jack westin! they have fantastic passages (jack westin can be a hit or a miss sometimes though) - but uworld is fantastic, you can even get a 90 day free trial. uworld also has a bunch of passages (1300+) for all subjects so its a fantastic resource
  11. Let me just provide some insight here (as a u of t student) If medical school is the goal for you, going to u of t won't be a cup of tea either. You will need to work very very hard, you can do well, you can get good grades but that requires constant effort and perseverance throughout all years of your undergrad. You can't decide to slack for a few weeks and not catch up, it'll hurt your exam. It's doable but just a lot of work. I'm personally feeling the effect of the hard work and effort after finals were done because it is exhausting. with any university you will go to, you will face difficulties and you will need to adjust based on these difficulties. With of t, it's a big adjustment which takes some people longer than others. As a person who has always wanted medical school, I love the fact that u of t provides a range of different courses, lots of resources, great research opportunities, but if I could go back in time, I wouldn't choose it because I'd rather a university which isn't too focused on keeping low averages. This is just my personal opinion! I'm sure that other people think otherwise, but it's just how i feel
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