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  1. Actually... I think the FB group I posted is for Y1/Y2 undergrad OT students, not qualifying year/master students disregard it, haha!
  2. Hey! I was able to find this, it's not an official group created by the school or anything: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1826538577648209 If you think it's a good idea to have a group just for OT as well, let me know and I can start one up!
  3. Hey! I'll be starting my first year at McGill OT this fall and I'm looking for a roommate to share an apartment with. The apartment is on Avenue des Pins, 1 min from McIntyre. it's a two bedroom-two bathroom and really spacious and beautiful! Includes washer/dryer, dishwasher, all other kitchen appliances, but is not furnished, and the apartment building has a gym, pool and sauna. It was also renovated last year! It's only a 5 min walk away from our classes. Everything is included, and the rent is $2200-2300 (negotiable right now) which we would split. Message me if you're interested! Thanks
  4. Hey! You and I are in the same boat My stats are very similar to yours and I will be reapplying next year too! I know rejection sucks but our hard work will definitely pay off in the end! I would email each school individually (on ORPAS there's a section that gives you the email address of each school's OT office) and ask them what added benefit an honours degree would give you. I don't think they really value what degree you have, I think it's more so just about your GPA, but double check with each school because I'm sure they all have their own different rules and preferences. If you find out that an honours degree isn't advantageous and that completing an honours thesis would just add on stress... then just focus on taking courses that will bump up your GPA, and getting LOTS and lots of practical experience in the field. Best of luck! You got this reach out if you ever want to chat, I found it super therapeutic to talk to others who have re-applied in the past or are re-applying, it's good to know we're not alone! OT is getting so competitive, it's totally fine to re-apply if you know this is the dream career for you. All the best!
  5. Hey! I'm re-applying next year and need to decide between completing a 1 year masters, or going back to school for a semester to improve my GPA. Does anyone have any experience in this? What benefit will the Masters actually give me, in terms of ORPAS GPA calculation? It's a Masters program that I know I would LOVE but at the end of the day, my goal is OT and I want to know what will give me a better shot at getting accepted next year. My sub-GPA this year was 3.59 but if I go back and do a semester I can bump this up to a 3.87. Alternatively, if I do the Masters, my sub-GPA will be 3.71 (due to my fourth year second semester grades being accounted for), but I'm unsure of any added benefit that a Masters might add (do they weigh GPA less? etc.) I will be contacting each school but wanted to see if anyone had any first-hand experience with this first! Thanks so much
  6. I got waitlisted at Queens around 7am (and rejected from everywhere else). When is the deadline to make provisional or firm acceptances, for those of you who got in? I'd like an idea of when the waitlist might start moving! Also, ORPAS hasn't updated at all for me, I've only gotten emails from the schools, is this the case for anyone else too?
  7. Thank you! I really needed to hear that. You are a wonderful person
  8. Thank you sooo much!!!!! And best of luck! This will definitely be your year!
  9. Hey! Would you be able to share what the GPA cut offs were for the schools that you applied to last year? I wasn't able to make the cut-off for Mac's MMI so I'm just really worried about my GPA!
  10. Hey! Did you do your undergrad at Mac? I'm a current McMaster student, but I didn't receive an interview for Mac OT. I'm still able to see OT classes and profs on Mosaic though, so it might just be something that all Mac students are inherently able to see.
  11. Hey friends! So, I've really only been able to find MMI prep online that is geared towards med. I was wondering if the OT MMI would be similar to med MMI? Also, does anyone have any general tips for OT MMI at McGill? Anything and everything would be greatly appreciated!