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  1. Accepted/Refused/Waitlisted: waitlist #2 cGPA: 3.92 sGPA: 4.0 thoughts on MMI: definitely felt like I could have done better on some stations, but tried to be myself and answer questions genuinely IP/OOP: OOP Year/degree if obtained: graduated undergrad in 2018
  2. I am leaning towards U of T and will most likely not be accepting McGill if offered
  3. Invite IP GPA: 89% DAT AA/RC/PAT: 23/23/19 ABS/PS: research (paper), 300+ hours of shadowing, volunteering with patients in hospital Will most likely decline interview for U of T
  4. Accepted GPA: 3.90 DAT: 23AA, 19PAT IP, graduated 2018, gap year Interview: felt a bit nervous at first, but was able to relax and smile more
  5. I did! Will most likely be giving that up if I get accepted because I'm leaning towards U of T
  6. Yea I thought it was supposed to be operant conditioning too! I also picked classical, cause it was the only one close enough.
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