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  1. Hi all! I writing the MCAT early August and I just needed some advice from anyone how has already written the MCAT and has been in a similar situation. This is my second time writing the MCAT (first time was really bad and I will admit that I barely studied for it for personal reasons). I'm working full-time so I realize I'm in a bit of a time crunch. I'm using EK for the content. The content covered in the textbooks is all content I have learned over the past 3 years of my undergrad so none of the information is completely new (except for some of the physics since I haven't taken 2nd term of physics yet). With that in mind, I was wondering how much time I should actually spend on reviewing the content? Also, how I should review the content. I know it would be a waste of time to just sit there and memorize the information (there are certain things I know that I need to memorize). So far, I have just been reading through the chapters, answering the practice questions and then doing the practice exam for each chapter. I haven't been making any flashcards or writing notes, unless there's a concept I really don't understand. My goal is to do a chapter a day (since I work from 9-5) and do 3 CARS passages per day. I would like to have all the content reviewed in about 25 days (cause I have 25 chapters left) so that I can spend the last few days of June and all of July just doing practice exams/questions. I was wondering if I am going about this the right way? I'm so used to just memorizing stuff for university exams and I'm worried that because I'm just reading through the information, I won't actually retain any of it. But at the same time, I'm familiar with almost all of it. Any advice?
  2. @m_jacob_45 thank you so much for the feedback and pro/cons, quite a few points I hadn't considered about the French stream! I'm still thinking about which stream I should I apply through. @Donald_Duck Thank you!! I am able to speak French to the point where I don't feel the need to use English words/phrases and I do feel comfortable speaking the language. My main reason for being hesitant to apply through the French stream is the CASPER. The time constraint plus typing in a language that isn't my first is difficult :/ @zackattack881 if you don't mind me asking, your friends that applied to the French stream because it's "easier", was French their first language?
  3. Hi all! Sorry to bother you with the usual "what are my chances" question! I am going onto the 4th year of my undergrad and I plan on applying to UOttawa. I am bilingual so I'm struggling as to which stream I should apply to. Assuming I calculated it correctly, my cGPA is 3.95. I read on previous posts that the French stream is less competitive in terms of getting an interview invite and, to be quite honest, that's why I'm leaning towards applying in that stream. However, although I am bilingual I definitely feel like I express myself a lot better in English (so I feel like my CASPER in English would be a lot better) and I feel like I would do better on an English interview vs. a French one. From last years interviews/regrets I saw that those in the lower 90s for GPA didn't get an English invite (and then there would be some cases where they did) so I'm not sure if I stand a chance getting an English invite with my GPA (I realize it's hard to tell without having written the CASPER)? Any advice/help would be much appreciated!
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