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  1. Hi all, So, obviously the applications are due today, and everything is completed, but my transcript is showing up as not received. I did put in the request through OMSAS since I went to an Ontario university, but it was kind of late since I only started my app like 5 days ago. Does that mean I didn't make the deadline? I don't want to waste $900. Please help.
  2. Would they perceive this as sketchy/having something to hide? Wouldn't it negatively impact your application?
  3. Hey everyone, Forgive me for what might be a stupid question, but I recently made a post about lacking ECs. I managed to make some progress on them during the past few months (which I will continue during the year), but this is my last year of undergrad. If I'm unable to get in next cycle with the ECs I will have up until next September, am I out of the running for Canadian schools where ECs really matter? I've heard some conflicting advice that some schools only take into account ECs that are done during your undergrad (like Ottawa). So-- do I have to be enrolled as an undergraduate student to make progress on these during a gap year where I'm working? Even if the answer is no, I'm still a little worried I won't be able to find any meaningful ECs that would really improve my application outside of the organizations you have access to as a student. I would be able to continue volunteering in the ER department at my local hospital as well as other "cookie-cutter" volunteering opportunities like the nursing home, but are these enough?
  4. Why not try to apply this year and improve your ECs during a gap year on the chance you don't get in this cycle? I think going to school in Canada is well worth the wait.
  5. What else factors into their decision? As far as I know, they do not look at the ABS. Are SWOMEN applicants guaranteed? What constitutes a red flag?
  6. For Western at least, that year won't be eligible to be used unless you take 3/5 300-level classes. I'm not sure how other schools will look at that, but I have the same question because I'm thinking of staying an extra 1.5 years after my fourth year to gain a double major in Bio + CS.
  7. Well, that's a relief to hear, thank you. Is this universal to all schools in Ontario? My school lists a normal one-semester course as 3 credits and a full-year course (2 semesters) as 6.0. I wish they would include this on Schulich's FAQ or something, would have saved me a lot of trouble. I wonder why they list it as 3/5 instead of 6/10?
  8. Sorry, I may be misunderstanding, but do you mean as long as 6 of your 10 courses are at the 300+ level for a given year, that year is eligible to be used? It doesn't need to be 3/5 each semester to be taken into consideration? I'm planning my 4th year and I'm only able to take 2/5 courses at the 300-level in the first semester (because a required class I need to graduate is at the 200-level), but would take 4/5 at the 300-level in the second semester. Is this okay? I've been trying to find the answer for ages now, and have even considered taking a 300-level course I don't need and deferring graduation by a semester to remain eligible.
  9. Thanks so much for the responses @jr2 @SureThing @Eudaimonia. Seems the general consensus is to write the MCAT, but to be honest, I feel like I'm a little late to the game. Applications are due in early October, so I would need to write my MCAT the latest (?) in mid-August so I can get my scores back in time. Do you guys think it's too late to do well, especially if I devote some time a week to volunteering at the hospital? Would it be the worst thing to just find as many volunteering opportunities as possible this summer and defer the MCAT to next summer, or should I just take my chances this cycle and get the MCAT done now?
  10. Hello everyone, I’m a Canadian (Ontario) student entering my 4th year of undergrad this September. I currently hold a 4.0 GPA. I have not yet written the MCAT; I was planning on writing it either this summer or next, since I had always planned on taking a gap year after undergrad. However, I am pretty worried about my lacklustre ECs and was wondering if anyone could give advice. As part of a program that gives the top first-year students in each faculty the opportunity to do research with professors, I have (so far) 400 paid hours of research on (on paper; my actual lab offers me a lot less work but I am paid all the same for those hours). By the time I’m done my fourth year, I’ll have accumulated an additional 200 hours, bringing it to 600 hours of research (I am switching labs this coming year). I’ll also be doing an honours thesis next year, so that’ll be additional research experience. No publications. Beyond this, I only have a couple of semesters as a peer mentor for first year students (which I will be continuing next year). I also joined a club in September as part of the exec team, and will continue my position there next year along with potentially joining the exec team of another undergrad club. I’m also going to be joining an undergrad tutoring aid organization. I am also going to begin volunteering at a hospital this summer. One thing I am unsure counts is I am a self-taught programmer/web developer, which I began learning at the age of 12. I began freelancing my skills at the age of 16 and have continued to do so every year/summer as my sole source of income (I’m turning 21 this summer). I have thousands of hours doing that; the potential (?) problem is it’s all spread out for a bunch of random clients on the Internet. It’s also given me some management/leadership skills where I had to manage & lead different development teams to create a final product. I also volunteered my skills to build a game, but I doubt it will be up and running by the time I apply for med school. Basically, what I’m asking is, how badly did I shoot myself in the foot? I know I have a good GPA, and I’m assuming (fingers crossed) that I can get a good MCAT score (I am SWOMEN, which helps with Western). I feel kind of hopeless with getting in because of my ECs. Do I have a chance of redeeming my ECs, or am I immediately out of the running? If so, does anyone have any suggestions on anything I can do beyond volunteering at the hospital? A lot of the clubs are already filled for the upcoming school year. Final question; would it be worth it to write my MCAT this summer (end of August), or should I just focus on building up ECs and write it next summer? Sorry for the long post, but I’m hoping somebody can help me out. I would be really grateful.
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