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  1. Good morning friends! Here's my info but let me start by saying you're all winners in my heart regardless of whether you receive or don't receive an interview this morning. Applying to med schools is tough and for those of you who are applying for the first time or are stubborn/persistent enough like me to reapply year after year (3rd time applicant to NOSM here), I really commend all of you for taking the courageous and patient steps of a) spending tens to hundreds of hours gathering and putting together your application; b) clicking that Submit button knowing your hard work now rests on the hands of the admissions committees; and c) patiently waiting 3 months for this day to arrive. You're all rock stars in my book! Interview invite: Thunderbay, March 7th Context: born and bred in a small town in northern BC (~10,000 people) and went to university in northern BC. -25 years old so that makes me a mature applicant GPA: 3.72 ECs: way too many to list so please DM me if you'd like to know more about this.
  2. Timestamp: 6:34AM (PST) Interview: Yes GPA: Context: Lived in a rural northern BC city almost all my life and got my undergrad in northern BC ECs: Quite varied- pm me if you want to know more Non-trad?: No # of previous applications: 1 Interview Location/Date/Time: Thunder Bay, March 3rd 2nd time interviewing at NOSM- so excited to get another shot at the interview this year!!!!!!!!!!! Any BC applicants out there who want to fly out together?
  3. Timestamp: 8:22 I got the ill-fated rejection letter too but was too upset to post about it yesterday. But I'm never giving up on my dream to be a physician. Channeling all of this anger/sadness I'm feeling right now into determination to crush my third round of applications/interviews this fall!!!!
  4. The suspense is killing me right now!!!! I'm setting my alarm for 5am to check since I'm in the Pacific Time Zone. Good luck everyone .
  5. Same! My work productivity for the day (even for the week!) will be shot when the results come out.
  6. Thanks for the correction. I'll fix my countdown clock .
  7. 5 days to go! Anyone else feeling extremely excited and nervous at the same time?
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