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  1. Someone got off a few days ago on HWL! I also got a call for an offer yesterday (also on HWL)
  2. Ah I should also add that this form was only given to me after I was given an offer from the admissions. They didn't send this to me (nor do I think you get the form) while on waitlist.
  3. Just thought I should update this in case it's useful for someone else. So the deadline is a hard deadline for June 30th for a THESIS based Master's (different from course based, which I believe is August 15th). So I would either have to send in my transcript OR send in this form. The form requires signatures from my supervisor, and graduate department saying that I will have completed all my requirements for my thesis. So I believe I will have to talk to my department and see if they will be ok with me defending a few weeks later than the June 30th deadline (but will still complete before the school year). If the department is ok with that, then admissions will have no problem with it either.
  4. Oh I see! I will definitely email admissions just to confirm, thank you guys so much . Definitely going to try my best to finish ASAP though!
  5. Sorry, I meant I will submit everything in July and present by or before mid-August!
  6. Hey all, I had a question for the June 30th transcript deadline for UWO Dentistry. I'm in my 2nd year of my Master's program, and am not sure I can finish by June 30th exactly. Is it possible to apply for an extension? How strict is Western with this June 30th deadline? Could I possibly send them a letter from my supervisor saying that I will finish by a certain date before August?
  7. Judging from the previous threads in the past 2 years, it seems like even HWL wasn't fully cleared :(. Although it differs every year, I think 3-4 years ago someone said 30 people got off the waitlist, so you never know!!
  8. Does anyone know when the medical school offers come in? I assume that's when the waitlist will start moving
  9. Hey everyone, I e-mailed the department last night and and thought I’d share the response I received in terms of my waitlist position: The beginning and ending was the same as the waitlist offer letter but I had actually missed this part in the middle! “Any offers not accepted will be filled by individuals on the Wait List. In recent years, applicants in your position on the Wait List have received an offer of admission.”
  10. Definitely an exception. I checked the stats for previous DATs before that and it was the lowest out of several years! I’m pretty sure that taking the DAT during november isn’t always like that.
  11. Wow so much better than november! Even though they felt the same when I walked out hahaha.. RC: 22 Bio: 22 Chem: 25 PAT: 24 (compared to my 21, 18, 22, 19 from november)
  12. Is there somewhere where you can check the GPA %? I had to convert from a 4.3 scale, but was wondering if they summarized my GPA in the application or somewhere.
  13. Haha the exact same thing happened to me in RC! I had no idea what the options of that tone of the author question even meant, and guessed on 2 questions in the last passage. Bio/Chem: Felt okay, with the exception of a couple questions that I educated-guessed on PAT: I definitely found keyholes to be the hardest section. I ended up spending too much time in the keyhole part, and only had 4 minutes to finish the last 10 questions of the pattern folding . I could've allocated my time a little better.. Overall: Not sure how I feel about this test in comparison to the Nov 2018 one. I walked out of that one feeling good, but the scores were shockingly low. Fingers crossed for this one though!
  14. Got a rejection e-mail already 10 minutes ago at 1:41pm. Looks like at least some have been sent out. Edit: GPA: 3.8 DAT (the November 2018 really screwed me over): 19 PAT, 20 AA (22 Chem, 18 Bio), 21 RC 2nd year of research based Master's
  15. I feel with everyone on this...my score itself is low but percentile is decent... I sent out an email to Schulich and Uoft about the scores and Schulich got back to me 10 minutes ago with: “DAT thresholds are determined based on the calibre of the applicant pool. How we use the DAT scores and set thresholds is confidential to our office. We are not given percentile information only scores for each DAT section” It seems like they might standardize the score within the applicant pool but probably not within the test day...sigh
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