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  1. The issue with taking in more CMG residents in the upcoming year to make up for the lost Saudi residents is that it will be even more difficult than it already is to find a job as a staff. Right now, for the most power, the Saudi residents are going back home (as per their contract) after the completion of residency/fellowship. Now, a lot more of the graduates will be Canadians looking for a job in Canada.
  2. Are our provincial governments expecting us residents to work more for the same exact pay? Yes, we are all resident trainees here to learn and to care for patients, but it is at the same time a job and our way of supporting ourselves and our families. So, I’m not okay with having to work more and spend even less time with my wife and kids, for the same exact pay. In no other job, would they expect you to work additional shifts for free.
  3. I’m a PGY-1 in ENT and realized I made a mistake choosing this specialty. I regret choosing a surgical specialty, and I’m looking to switch into a primarily non-surgical specialty. Is it possible to switch into a different program at the same school (Internal Med)? Would I need to do this through Carms?
  4. K1972

    Masters During Residency

    Reviving an old thread with a couple of questions: 1. Is your program generally allowed to deny you from doing a Masters degree mid-residency (eg using the excuse that there is not enough residents for coverage, putting patient safety at risk)? 2. (Stupid question) Would provincial government or your residency program provide any payment or funding for or during your Master’s degree (eg because it is “furthering your qualifications”)? 3. For those in small (low number of residents) programs who have taken a year off to do a Masters: how do you deal with the guilt of everyone else having to do more work because you are taking a year off?
  5. Congrats! What was your study strategy? Which resources did you use?
  6. Thanks for the info! That’s pretty rough for those of us at the French schools. For those at McGill, are you still allowed to prescribe?
  7. Good to hear! Anyone know how it works in Quebec?
  8. This is exactly how I felt. Anyone actually know what happens if we don’t pass? Is it true that we can’t prescribe meds..that would be a pretty rough way to start R1.
  9. Yep agreed, a lot of FM stuff. I also found the whole exam to be quite vague. Didn’t enjoy that