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  1. Hi relaxingbath! Thanks for offering to answer questions I'm from Sudbury and so I'm going to have to find lodging for the residential blocks. I'm just wondering where the residential blocks actually occur so I can find somewhere nearby. Are the classes at the Michener Institute? Also, I have a 2 bedroom apartment that is in a really convenient spot in Sudbury. Since I won't be here much, I'm thinking about offering to rent my extra room to 2nd year PA students doing their rotations in the Sudbury area. Assuming there's a need for it anyway! Any idea where I can post an ad that would be available only to PA students? Is there a message board of some sort? Thanks!
  2. I've been working full time for almost 7 years as a Kinesiologist for a hospital rehab department, so that's probably over 10 000 hours. I'm a case manager for patients with heart and lung conditions, taking medical histories, consulting with physicians, prescribing and leading exercise programs, doing exercise testing, etc. This is very much a second career and so I didn't get this job or get my undergrad (BPHE) with PA in mind, but it served me well for applying to this program. Hope that's helpful!
  3. Got my offer of admissions around noon (and again around 12:23!). There was a recall on the first email due to a technical issue, but the offer is still good if you recevied one according to UofT! Good luck!
  4. Just got an offer of admission via email at 12:02!!! They sent a recall email afterwards, but I called to confirm that it was due to a technical issue and not taking back any offers sent out. Good luck everyone!!
  5. Time Stamp: 8:21amAccepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: RegretsGPA: 3.94 (3.74+0.2 for MSc)ECs: Hospital employee for 7 years in a cardiac/pulmonary rehab, volunteer with Big Sisters, community outreach with low income/homeless population, research experience via Master's degree in Interdisciplinary health, WSIB experience, tutoring, TA, etc. First time applicant, in case that's pertinent to anyone.
  6. This is excruciating! Please tell me NOSM sends their emails first thing in the morning!
  7. I interviewed for PA at UofT May 1st. 1) Honours Bachelor of Physical Health and Education (Health Promotion) and MSc in Exercise Physiology. 2) 9 years as a Kinesiologist, mostly working with cardiac and pulmonary rehab patients in an outpatient hospital department. Also a part-time professor at a local college for a number of years. Experience with injured workers, low income/homeless population and disabled individuals. I'm also francophone and from Northern Ontario. Research experience through my MSc for my own thesis and helping out other students with their projects. 3) GPA - 3.74 in my undergrad. 4) First time applying, the suspense is unbearable!! Good luck everyone! I heard rumors at the interview that we may find out before May 15th, fingers crossed!
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