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  1. Hi All, So I am missing 3 credits of English for UBC DMD program. I am going back to school this year therefore I can take an English course to fulfill their requirement. However, I have taken numerous humanities courses where most of the course consisted to writing Essays. I am thinking may be I can use those courses to fulfill the English requirement but there is no way of me knowing whether or not UBC will accept this prior to applying. To be honest, I really don’t want to take another English course this year because it just isn’t my forte! Can I still qualify for an English Exemption test if things didn’t work out? Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks
  2. orgolover

    UBC Course Equivalency Help!

    I went to Wilfrid Laurier University. I using their contact us email. Which email are you using though?
  3. Hello All, So, I tried to email UBC In regards to course equivalency. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything from them yet and its been a month thus far. I also couldn’t find anyone who went to UBC Dent and attended the seem undergrad institution. I am applying this application cycle but I don’t know if I even have the right courses to begin with. Any help or advice is appreciated.
  4. orgolover

    UBC Entrace Stats

    What email did you use? I am trying to find out course equivalencies for UBC but can’t find their email address for anything.
  5. May I ask why are you even considering Dentistry in the first place?
  6. I was talking about UBC course requirement. For instance, I took CH250 and CH350 Biochemistry at Laurier but I don't know if UBC will count these courses towards Biochem pre-requisite. I thought I can email them for course equivalence but on their web they said not to do so. How do I figure this out? I can't seem to find previous post in regards to Laurier courses.
  7. How did you figure out whether or not the courses you took will satisfy their requirement ? Apparently, you can't email them to assess the courses and the only way to find out is when you officially apply. Am I missing something here??
  8. So I am starting a 5th year of Undergrad in this fall. Will this year be treated as a "special year" even though I have not graduated from the program? Technically, I am still registered as a 4th year undergrad student in my university. Also, UWO has a policy for "special year" where certain number of courses must be at the 200 level. Do I need to follow that even though I am not considered a "special year" student in my university. Any help is appreciated!
  9. orgolover

    Thoughts on Kaplan DAT prep?

    The Bio and CHEM sections on 2017-2018 version is very detailed and laid out really well. RC and PAT are just okay and not necessarily that helpful.
  10. orgolover

    UofT/UWO not looking good :/

    Sorry for posting a question here but this could be relevant to original poster too. Does UWO also give importance to MSc students? I have heard that UofT specially look up to MSc grads. Is it the same thing with UWO too?
  11. orgolover

    UofT minimum interview GPA

    I have seen people getting in with 3.7s. Of course, with MSc!
  12. There is very little specialization in Dentistry therefore, your income as a Dentist will not increase much after graduation. With MD, it is a totally different story. More area of specialization = greater income. Thus, MD can pay off those student loans pretty quickly.
  13. I have been going through AP Bio Cliff in the past weeks. I'd say it is a great review book. Also, you can pick it up online very cheap.
  14. I think summer 2017 semester will be consider a part of 2016-2017 for UofT and UBC.