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  1. PM me with your stats. I'd be happy to answer your questions.
  2. What are your reasons for wanting to migrate to USA?
  3. Things will only get worse in post-covid era. The saturation will continue to grow and the dental corp will likely expand exponentially as many have mentioned above.
  4. Can a Aussie grad even apply to US for GPR? I thought US programs are reserved for Cad and US grads?
  5. First of all, Ireland has MBBS/MBBCH not MD. I don't know where you heard that an International Medical Graduate can get internships in Ireland without being an Irish citizen. It is possible, but as an international student you will be at the bottom of the list. On the side note, getting into Irish Med school is just as hard as getting into a North American school. Yes, they don't care much about GPA, but they do have other very vague requirements which nobody knows. In terms of DO, I don't know much about it and I am sure that other people can comment on that here. Best of luck!
  6. get work and volunteer experience so that you have something to talk about during the interview. Plan B doesn't hurt as well.
  7. Save you money and get Air. Both Pro and Air has X12 chip and the performance is essentially the same.
  8. Cheapest tuition and US schools don't go together in one sentence. It will be one hell of a ride to pay back these loan!
  9. I know people who got into Canadian Dental/Medical schools, but yet they were unable to reserve a spot in Ireland. They have very different criteria. I'd try Aussie and US schools as their eligibility criteria is less vague. Good Luck!
  10. Is it too late to switch over to medicine? Dentistry is only few years away to becoming what Pharmacy is right now. Give your spot to someone else who actually want this career for altruistic reasons.
  11. I am a current UCC Dental Student. Message me if you have any questions.
  12. Short answer, No! You can see the requirements yourself on the school website. Competitive programs such as OMFS do require you to attend North American dental school though.
  13. It really depends on your budget. A maxed out iPad Pro or Air would be suffice as they both have A12X chip. IPads are helpful for annotating the slides but they are definitely a luxury as any laptop would do the trick. It is quite hard to integrate iPad into your workflow though if you are used to the Mac interface. I'd say try it in the apple store first and also be mindful of screen size.
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