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  1. oh gosh thanks so much guys! I was getting so worried! You guys are life savers!!!!
  2. I'm about to finish my 4th year undergrad degree but was thinking of maybe doing a minor? Naturally, there's a lot of 1st and 2nd year courses I would have to take, so I'm wondering if that's fine given the fact that schools like Western, UofT etc expect a higher ratio of 3rd/4th year courses in one's upper years? Thanks!
  3. I'm a 4th year undegrad currently attending a Candian university and plan on applying to US and Canadian medical schools. I'll finish my degree in the summer. I don't have a lot of the prereqs that US schools are looking for (physics, english, calculus, orgo 2, etc.,). Can I take all of them even if I've already sent out my app to US schools? Not really familiar with US schools that much so I was looking for some guidance
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