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  1. Just received a call for an offer to the Windsor campus (off the high waitlist). So it appears London is full! Will likely be rejecting this offer so good luck to those still on the waitlist
  2. nope! very impatiently waiting by the phone hahaha
  3. Hey guys! I'm currently trying to decide between going to Mac NRC, Ottawa or Western (not sure which campus). If anyone could share some insight about the benefits of the different class sizes, the opportunities for research at each school and the overall quality of life at each university, that would be super helpful. Thanks so much!
  4. congratulations!!! were you accepted to London or Winsor campus?
  5. Result: Accepted to NRC off waitlist Geography: IP Timestamp: May 22 4:45 pm cGPA: 3.94 CARS: 129 Interview: Some stations were great, others meh. No bad stations. Prepared a lot. Year: 4th year UG CASPer: Prepped a little bit. I'm a very fast typer. Answered very honestly, tried to sound like a real person not someone who was just reciting Doing Right lol. Looks like the waitlist is starting to move so we should expect more offers in the next couple of days. Good luck everyone!!!!!
  6. 0987654321

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    I just received an offer to NRC off the waitlist so it looks like there is some movement starting! Good luck everyone!