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  1. I'm also applying, so I was wondering if I can also get some input? Thanks
  2. Hey everyone! As I am currently wallowing in my tears, I feel completely lost on how to make my application "stand out". In my opinion, I feel a high majority of applicants have essentially the exact same ECs: hospital, research, president of clubs, etc. I find it difficult knowing that I have to be "unique", and simultaneously feeling that no one will remember me as an applicant if the admissions board were to review it. I would welcome any insights (you can also pm as well ). Thank-you so much for your time and generosity. p.s. I genuinely apologize for this annoying and probably very repetitive question - I just don't know who else to ask.
  3. whaddup

    Low First Yr GPA,

    Is it if you apply in your 4th year they drop your 4 worst FCEs? Or is it if I finish my 4 year undergrad, and then they drop my 4 worst FCEs? It kinda sounds like a dumb question, but I just want to make sure haha
  4. whaddup

    Stamina for MCAT Studying

    Thanks so much for your insight
  5. Hey peeps, I wrote the MCAT last year, & I didn't attain my goal score. I wrote the Kaplan FL1 & Diagnostic test again this year & it wasn't too great. Do you guys have any study tips for staying on track? Anything that worked for you? PS I'm rewriting the MCAT late this summer