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  1. Hi there, don't be so hard on yourself! Medicine is (and should not) be the be-all and end-all of your life - you are still a person outside of this pursuit, so do recognize that. That said, I understand how competitive this entire process is and it can feel especially discouraging to see everyone around you get accepted/ have the perfect application, but everyone has their own path to take! You still have two years left to improve your GPA and in Ontario, at the top of my head, schools like Western and Queen's also consider your last/best two years so that could work in your favor. Just make sure that your ECs and MCAT is in order, mostly for CARS since Canadian schools somehow seem to focus on that. Do also take the time to explore other options and see if you might be interested in that. For myself, I took a year off after graduating to work in research to clarify some of my career goals, and it showed to me, that patient interaction is what I enjoy most!
  2. Result: Accepted (Hamilton campus) Timestamp: May 14 - sorry for posting this a bit late! GPA: 3.88 CARS: 128 Interview: Thought it went well overall, a couple of stations where I wasn't sure if the interviewers understood what it was I was saying (and I'm not sure I did either, I just shared what first came to mind lol). Had ambivalent feelings about my interview performance in weeks thereafter since this process is really unpredictable. However, I don't think there was anything I could have done differently; I prepared extensively for the interview and am happy that it paid off! Year: BSc Geography: IP
  3. Hi there, My recommendation is to let your professor know as early as possible! That way, they'd be able to meet your deadline without any hassle. When I had first applied, I made the mistake of notifying my referee only two weeks in advance and let's just say the situation was less than ideal lol. From what I know, schools in Alberta have a similar deadline as OMSAS so when making your requests, referees can submit their letters around the same time for those.
  4. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: Jan. 31 8:59 am Interview Date: N/A wGPA/cGPA: 3.90 Year: BSc conferred MCAT: 127/128/128/128 ECs: Over a year of research (no pubs) with plenty of non-profit and hospital volunteering Geography: IP
  5. Time Stamp: January 10th, 1:08pm Invite/Reject: Invite!!! GPA: 3.88 undergrad CARS: 128 Casper: Thought it went pretty well, was able to answer all the prompts in time. Honestly am surprised that I received an invite! Geography: IP
  6. If GPA isn't an issue, perhaps look over your ECs and see areas that you could improve on in that time? I took a year off to work as a research assistant and am currently reapplying.
  7. Yep, I would say you're competitive at UWO/Queens/Mac/UofC/UofA and possibly UofT. In terms of what you can do during your gap year, it seems that you have everything filled out but adding extra ECs wouldn't hurt!
  8. Hi there, Congrats on the high MCAT score! I'd say your stats are good for Canadian schools that favour a high MCAT/ CARS score. This would include schools like UWO, Queen's, McMaster (32% for GPA/CARS/ CASPer), and possibly schools in Albert, but I believe extensive ECs are needed for those and I'm not aware what those might be given that I'm also an applicant. For Ontario medical schools, you have the highest chance at UWO. However, beginning this cycle they introduced their own ABS supplemental, so I'm not sure how ECs in general will be evaluated. Do also look into UofT and see if you qualify for their weighting formula in which they drop your lowest credit for every undergraduate year completed if you've taken 5 courses/ semester. You'd stand a decent chance I'd say with a weighted GPA of 3.8+. With Queen's, it's hard to know their exact requirements, but given your stats and ECs, I would think you stand a high chance of receiving an interview there.
  9. Hi, why not just take a gap year following graduation if you feel that you need an extra year off?
  10. Hey there! I don't think it will serve so much of a disadvantage as it won't help your application in any meaningful way. Obviously, if you could bump up your grades while in this program then it would boost your GPA and that may help your application with certain schools. For Mac, this won't make a difference though as it states on their website that their interview invites is based on 32% Undergraduate Grade Point Average, 32% MCAT Verbal Reasoning OR Critical Analysis and Reasoning Score, 32% CASPer Score , and 4% Graduate degree bonus (1% Master's/4% PhD). You'd at least receive the 1% bonus. https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/md-program-admissions/how-we-select/selecting-our-students
  11. Not that I'm completely familiar with the grading of the Casper Test, but I wouldn't think the eloquence of our responses to matter too much. I'd imagine the content to be of greater importance... that is, as long as you are able to articulate your ideas clearly, it should be fine. Of course, evaluators might be more impressed with coming across a well-worded answer over one that isn't, but that might be more of an unconscious bias on their part as opposed to any explicit grading criteria stating that we have to word it nicely. These are just my thoughts however, I'm still an applicant!
  12. States here that our GPA calculation will be made known at the beginning of November. "This year, applicants do not enter their courses and grades into the online application. OMSAS will calculate your GPA once your transcripts are received. Beginning in November, applicants will have access to their OMSAS GPA calculations. Applicants are responsible for reporting any required changes to their academic record by December 3, 2018." https://www.ouac.on.ca/faq/where-to-enter-courses-and-grades/
  13. Hi there, I don't think you should disqualify yourself from the running, you still have 3 years of university remaining and depending on your strengths with respect to MCAT and your ECs, you could stand a very high chance at most schools! Do look into how each school weighs GPA as schools like UofT, for example, drops one full course credit for every year of undergrad you've completed (assuming you've taken a full course load). I'd say however to aim for a 3.9+ cGPA to be competitive if you're from Ontario. As for how to do well in second, I found it to be similar to first year except newer content was introduced ... just set aside enough time to review/study, and you'll be fine! I'm not sure of what other specific tips I can give since it's been a while haha but do message me/let me know if you have any other questions and I'll try my best to answer!
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