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  1. Hi from the other thread! My EC's were mostly long-term volunteer positions on my campus. I do media work so most of it involved photography/videography and marketing stuff for clubs and charities. I have also worked part time in customer service for 6 years. I had no research experience. Obviously everyone has a different experience but I don't think there are specific EC's that help more than others. As long as you can talk about it and they can tell you're genuinely passionate about what you've been doing, its fair game imo.
  2. I had a similar mindset. I just got accepted (no waitlist) after 4 years UG. My OMSAS GPA was 3.69. I only had one year above cutoff when i applied and it was 3.74, so the acceptance was conditional on receiving my grades for this past semester. I had 513 MCAT and felt the interview went really well. So there is definitely hope!
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