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  1. any recommendations for who to contact for mcmaster university? found matt eade & michael vanderwal on the list scotia provides, has anyone had any experience with either? tysm
  2. Result: Accepted Time Stamp: May 8th @ 6:38am wGPA: 3.94 CASPER: Didn't prepare in advance (should have), but overall felt really comfortable as a fast typing speed let me write quite lengthy answers, and I feel that generally, this type of ethics/conflict resolution is a strong suit of mine Didn't realize how important CASPer was until after, but now I'm a die-hard fan. ECs: A lot of leadership positions in a variety of clubs/services, several long-term jobs, teaching assistant, some volunteering... I would say its very diverse with an emphasis on student government, social issues, drama/arts, sports.. Only one item was research based Seriously, do what you love, and not what you think medical schools want to see. Plus, I'd imagine that your passion shows through and is so much more engaging at the interview when they ask about your ECs Interview: Felt good walking out, but every day that followed, I nit-picked the interview more (I interviewed mid February, so I had a lot of time to do this lol). Overall I got a good vibe, but it was my first interview so I was unnecessarily nervous and I think that showed through in a few answers. Towards middle/end, definitely warmed up more and started having fun with it (which lead to better answers, imo). Very few of the questions were extremely out of the blue or unexpected! Geography: IP Year: 3rd year UG Sorry this is late!! Posted for stats but will be accepting my offer at mac med!
  3. Result: Accepted to Hamilton Campus! Timestamp: 8:54AM cGPA: 3.94 CARS: 127 Casper: I type 130wpm and have had lots of experience with general ethics/conflict resolution in the past, so I felt pretty good writing this (I wrote quite a bit, around 5 sentences, for each question). In retrospect, even though everything went well, I certainly think I underestimated the importance of Casper for Mac and Ottawa and recommend that anybody applying in the future really prep for this! Interview: I felt that at least 4 of my stations were really great, and the rest were at least 'good'. You start doubting yourself with every day that passes, but I honestly maintained the mindset that I could not have done any better than I did that day (so whatever happens, happens). Probably owe this to about 2 months of intense prep lol Year: 3rd yr UG Geography: IP -- Overall, my biggest piece of advice to anyone would just be to prep. An amazing Casper can make up tenfold for subpar cGPA/CARS. Ethics/conflict resolution is certainly something that can be learned. The more practice that you get (for casper, then the interview), and the more questions that you expose yourself to answering (out loud, timed, with friends/in the mirror), the more comfortable you will get. When interview day comes, it'll all feel like muscle memory!