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  1. Hello everyone, I am super late in posting this, sorry for that. This forum/thread has been so helpful to me over the years and it feels amazing being able to post here and give back/share Result: Accepted to London (initially accepted to Windsor off the high waitlist then later offered a spot in London) Timestamp: May 29th approx. 12:30 pm 2 yr GPA: 3.85 MCAT: 127, 129, 128 (Chem/Phys, CARS, Bio) ECs/Volunteer: Lots of involvement (leadership roles) in clubs on campus, research throughout undergrad (two minor publications - nothing huge/wide-reaching/high impact factor), hospital volunteering, ran a small landscaping business during the summers, medical missions trip to Costa Rica for 2 weeks in third year, volunteered with various charities, volunteering extensively at my local place of worship as youth leader & activity organizer etc, involved in various advocacy/fundraising activities on campus, involved in organizing and presenting at mental health conferences on campus Interview: Didn't feel particularly confident about it when I left the room, finished in the middle of the pack (after the 5-minutes-left signal, but before time was up), got mostly positive vibes from the interviewers, I felt I didn't "sell" myself enough, or that some of my answers were one-sided, but I guess I did alright after all! Year: Just finished 6th year Geography: Non-SWOMEN
  2. I got a call offering me a spot in London (instead of Windsor) so I'm thinking if I'm moving to London maybe a spots opening up for someone else in Windsor?
  3. I can definitely speak to this! I just finished my sixth year and got accepted, I applied using my fifth and sixth year, first four years were no Bueno. Although there is stigma around spending 2 extra years in undergrad its a workable option, it paid off for me and is definitely feasible for you. You're already at 3.68 so you can make it! Plus another advantage I found was that there were very few required courses after fourth year, so I was able to take what I enjoyed and avoid courses I heard bad things about, that should help you too. If you have any questions/want to discuss it id be happy to share
  4. Just got an acceptance to Windsor (also high waitlist) super excited, I just want to thank everyone for the support and looking to meeting my fellow classmates soon!
  5. I hope so, in your experience do they always make it through the high waitlist? I was under the impression all high waitlisters would get a call today and then move on to normal waitlist for Monday...
  6. Congrats @markup! When did you get your call if you don't mind me asking?
  7. You're probably right, I doubt they'll get in touch over the weekend, another weekend spent in anticipation... I don't know what to expect I was really hoping for some news this week, and it'll influence my decision to retake the MCAT too... I know a lot of people have accepted offers elsewhere and others have removed themselves from the waitlist to accept offers elsewhere so here's to hoping we see movement next week...
  8. That is true! Will tomorrow be the day? I haven't heard anything from others on the waitlist and personally no, maybe tomorrow?
  9. Congrats @iFlayx! Good luck to everyone on the waitlist, I hope we start hearing back soon
  10. So does the waitlist start moving tomorrow? Or is the 22nd the last day for those with offers to respond, and waitlisted offers start going out on the 23rd?
  11. Hey! So I just completed my sixth year of undergrad and I'm high wait listed, so keep trying! I was in a similar situation to yours, and completed a fifth and sixth year respectively, which served as my two years to satisfy the GPA requirement. I could have done a second degree but I opted not to because I had much more flexibility by remaining engaged in my current degree and taking upper year courses instead, since I had more or less satisfied all the prerequisites over the 4 years previous and as a result could take whatever I wanted. This allowed me to tailor-make my last two years very specifically toward courses I wanted to take, felt I could be successful in, and were more conducive to improving my GPA. So the point is, keep trying, there may be stigma against spending more time in the undergraduate stage but none of that matters if you get an acceptance and move on to the next stage, keep trying and good luck
  12. Oh I see, thanks for sharing! I've got my fingers crossed for both of us
  13. Just out of curiosity, if the phrasing for high waitlist is "applicants in your position on the wait list have received an offer of admission" and for low waitlist is "applicants in your position on the wait list have not received an offer of admission" what's the phrasing for applicants on the normal waitlist?
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