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  1. cacaonibs

    weighted GPA Formula

    Also McGill only takes into account your cumulative GPA for your basis of admission degree. Unlike McMaster, your cGPA accounts for 70% of your pre-interview score.
  2. Fun fact. McGill used to have two sub faculties: medicine and surgery. Students had to rotate through both faculties during all 4 years (the definition for preclerkship and clerkship was definitely much fuzzier back then and less defined). The separation of medicine and surgery back in the day was why McGill awarded the M.D., C.M. (Medicinæ Doctorem et Chirurgiæ Magistrum) degree. Well, they still do award the MDCM degree, but it's more of a historical significance now. The sub faculties have since merged with the curriculum made aligned to meet licensing and increasing uniform accreditation standards. It is a bit sad imo. I imagine the lived experiences of past McGill med/surg students to have been much richer than ours now.
  3. cacaonibs

    What's On Your Mind?

    My boyfriend found out that I have been on apps and we have stopped talking. I feel like an extremely bad person. I know I really hurt him, but I was mainly just on the apps just to pass time. I don't know what to do. I really messed up.
  4. Hey.. I want to vent a little. I have been feeling very anti-social and not really willing to go to social events, etc. I also find myself distancing myself from people in my class (subconsciously or consciously). I really like to just stay home and study from home. I really dread having to socialize at times so I keep my at-school time to the minimum. Is this normal? I also miss my friends from back home as I moved for school. I haven't seem to have been able to find my niche and at this point, I just want to stay home and just get over the first two years of preclinical. Is this normal
  5. I agree.. this seems very high.
  6. CIHI just released this infographic: https://www.cihi.ca/en/infographic-a-profile-of-physicians-in-canada-in-2016 I had no idea that 1/4 of our workforce are IMGs!!
  7. cacaonibs

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    When do exams end in December? I checked the schedule on Minerva, but class stop around the first week of December.
  8. cacaonibs

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    I am trying to book my flight back home for Thanksgiving well in advance before fares becomes expensive. I am planning to leave on the Friday (October 5). Does anyone know if there are normally anything mandatory on Fridays (i.e., exams, labs, LFME meet-up, etc.)?
  9. Vous trouverez le site ci-dessous: https://www.sogemec.qc.ca/en/etu/produits/medical-student-disability-insurance.html mais je pense que c’est moins bon que celui d’AMQ. Mais celui d’AMQ a un premium qu’on doit payer chaque année.
  10. @Eudaimonia you should join the QMA. There’s a plan with Vigilis. Alternatively, you can try Sogemec which is the preferred insurer for the FMEQ (the CFMS equivalent for Québec). Sogemec is free for all 4 years of medical school.
  11. cacaonibs

    Success rates?

    Did anyone else notice that the success rate for OOP students at McGill is actually lower than that for international (visa) students for 4 out of the past 5 cycles.. that's weird.
  12. cacaonibs

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    OOP moved to position #7 and Med-P to #20! IP est toujours #23
  13. cacaonibs

    Question Re Salary

    .. ok.. I think I will stick with family medicine..
  14. cacaonibs

    Question Re Salary

    Why would there be PGY-6, -7, -8, and -9 years? Aren't they fellows?
  15. cacaonibs

    Applying while doing masters?

    Just noticed this now, why does McGill award MDCM as opposed to just an MD?