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  1. Can people comment on their general debt level progressing through medical school? Aggregate debt (LOC + government loans and other loans) $ please. I have heard to aim for debt level of $25K per year: so $25K total debt in M1; $50K in M2; $75K in M3; and $100K in M4.
  2. What's the point of being an FP when NP are getting ever-expanding scope of practice? Why should MDs be debt-ridden when they can do a BScN work a few years then do a MScN to become a nurse practitioner and probably make more than an FP with benefits? I am all about teamwork, but where does this leave for the role of a "family physician"?
  3. I was wondering what the career difference is for someone who did IM+ID vs. someone who did MedMicro? Can't someone who have done residency in MedMicro technically be able to do ID control etc?
  4. Looks like the Society of Canadians Studying Medicine Abroad (SCSMA) has filed a suit against various parties involved in the MedEd and matching process arguing the CMG/IMG streaming is unconstitutional. http://socasma.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Petition-filed-copy.pdf
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