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  1. Thanks for your reply! Which major are you doing? Also, are there research opportunities for undergraduate students at McGill?
  2. I was accepted to Life Sciences at McGill, but I am unsure whether or not I should attend the program. I really love Montreal as a city, but I've heard that McGill is extremely competitive and this may hurt my chances of getting a high GPA. If you are or have been a student in this program - how was your experience?
  3. Thank you for your advice! I think I'm leaning towards either McGill or Western right now, but I'm worried that I won't be able to maintain a high GPA given how competitive these two programs are.Was it hard to maintain a high GPA at Western? Are marks bell curved?
  4. Hi, I was accepted to several undergraduate life science/medical science programs, but I am unsure about where I should go. If anyone has attended the following programs listed below, could you tell me about your experience? (e.g. quality of education, competition, bell curve, academic or extracurricular opportunites, atmosphere of the university/campus, etc.) For me, I feel like there are several pros/cons for each program/university, and I just don't know where I should go. McGill Life Sciences, Western Medical Sciences, uOttawa Biomedical Science, Queen's Science, Waterloo Biomedical Sciences, McMaster Life Science, McMaster Integrated Science. Thanks!
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