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  1. Supervenience

    Chances without writing CASPer

    You shouldn't exclude yourself from applying to two schools. The CASPer is not like the MCAT, its not that long and although you can prep for it, its not a huge amount. A good amount of applicants do not even do considerable prep for CASPer. There is no harm in writing it. It's best to apply to all the schools you can, and by not writing the CASPer you cannot even apply to Ottawa and Mac. Your GPA is on the low end of competitive for Queens and UofT I believe. Your MCAT will be fine for UofT, but your CARS score may be too low for Queens (they don't release cutoffs but it seems like they tend to only take in people with 126+).
  2. How rare is it for waitlisters who have been offered Windsor to get reassigned to London later on?
  3. It doesn't look like they have in past years. The admissions office is probably closed on the weekends. I don't know how to feel about this silence. I was expecting to see some signs of movement today...
  4. In the past few years it looks like the high waitlist starts to move on the Thursday/Friday after the Tuesday deadline, and the normal waitlist starts to move by Monday, but it could be different this year. I really wish that there wasn't so much obscurity surrounding the waitlist, it makes the waiting so much worse. Even just things like informing applicants of the size of the high/normal/low waitlists would be nice.
  5. Has anybody ever been accepted to the London campus off the normal waitlist? Looking through past threads here it seems that nearly everybody on the waitlist gets accepted to the Windsor campus.
  6. Although historically you have a very high chance of getting in off the high waitlist, I don't know if it is worth taking the risk. High waitlist is not an absolute guarantee, although its as close as you can get. However, because Western waits until after the 2 week acceptance period to send out waitlist offers, there would be no going back to Queens if you decided to take your chances with Western. Also, as pointed out above, if UWO is your first choice due to location reasons, know that it is a possibility that you don't get your preferred campus. Personally, I don't think its worth the risk.
  7. Supervenience

    Venting about GPA conversion

    I feel you, in my worst semester (health issues) I ended up getting two 84's and a 79. Three measly percentage points made me finish the semester with a 3.7 instead of a 3.86. The system can really suck sometimes.