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  1. Hi, I will be completing a second undergrad degree this fall in a four-year major in medical sciences program (non-honors; will take 2 years to complete due to transferring credits from first degree). What I'm worried about is, if I still don't get into med, will this limit the possibility of doing a masters before re-applying? My first degree was an honors spec if that makes a difference?
  2. Hi, Thank you to everyone who helped me decide to do a second undergrad! I spoke with an academic counsellor and they recommended I do a Double Major in Med Sci and Psych because I have a lot of credits I can transfer to that degree and finish in 2 years. However, there are 2 second year core courses I must complete in order to graduate from this degree, one is genetics (0.5 credit, bio department) and the other is research methods (1.0 credit, psych department). Looking at my past degree, I feel like my worst marks were in these second year core courses and I'm so nervous to do them that I'm second guessing my academic capabilities. They're not offered in the summer so I can't do them then. I'm really aiming for at least a 3.7/3.8 in these 2 years, especially in this year so I can hopefully, at least, guarantee an interview invite at Schulich for when I can apply in Fall 2019. I know I need to take the psych core course this year in order to take the upper year courses the following year. But should I also take the other core course along with it? I don't want to overwhelm myself (I'm getting anxious just thinking about it). Any advice is appreciated and sorry if I sound really scattered
  3. Thank you! Your kind words really did give me hope Best of luck to you as well
  4. Hi, Thanks so much for the suggestions! I think after some careful research, I'm going to talk with academic counselling to see if I can come back to upgrade my degree to Psych for 2 years! My plan, if I don't get into medicine after this, is to do a Masters in Neuroscience, and hopefully try for med school again. I've tried researching other careers in case it never works out for me, but I don't find myself interested in anything else Thanks so much! Hope everything is going well for you!
  5. Oh wow that program looks really interesting, and it's awesome they're offering it for 2 years. Really wish it was in London It's hard for me to leave London due to family obligations, but will definitely discuss this with my family! Thanks so much for this suggestion had no idea it existed!
  6. Hi Oh okay! I did look into nursing, but I'm really not interested in it I hope psych will be okay! I did Health Science with Bio!
  7. Thank you! I believe you can get into med school as well :) What do you mean by an accelerated undergrad degree? I was thinking of transferring credits from my previous undergrad and using that towards another honors degree to finish in 2 years. Is that what you mean? I go to Western if that helps!
  8. Thank you, I believe in you too Yeah, my family is finding it hard to grasp that a Masters won't offset a bad GPA from undergrad. But I guess sometimes you just have to follow your heart (as cheesy as that sounds) and not let anyone get in the way! Thank you once again, you're so kind truly wishing the best for you!!!
  9. Hi, Thank you so much for your sweet words, it helped me feel a little better (and gave me more hope!). Just have to overcome the family disapproval now haha. I truly wish you the best of luck!!! Practice hard and you will def make (and hopefully exceed) the cutoffs and kill your interview!!
  10. Hi, I'm planning on completing a second undergrad degree to boost my GPA, because based on what I've read here, a MSc would be pointless for me. If all goes as planned, the second degree (Honors BSc in Psych) would take me 2 years to complete because I have already completed the majority of the first and second year pre-reqs through my previous degree, and I would be able to satisfy the 3/5 rule for senior courses in both the years. I guess I'm just really nervous to spend another 2 years of my life in undergrad (and my family is not fond of the idea either). I spent 5 years in my previous degree and saw an upward trend in my GPA each year (2.9 -> 3.0 -> 3.2 -> 3.6 -> 3.6), but obviously, still not good enough for Canadian med schools. I know the reason for my poor GPA was lack of focus due to family issues/illnesses in my earlier undergrad years, so I didn't really get a chance to properly learn how to study in university until later on in my undergrad. Should I still give it a try though? Has this worked out for anyone else? For more info, I did the MCAT last year and got a decent score (may redo to be more competitive for other schools, because I got a 125 in CARS). I've been volunteering in the hospital since 2011 and volunteering in a phys/pharm lab since 2016 (with a publication on its way), but I definitely enjoy the hospital environment and patient interaction way more than spending countless hours of my day doing wet lab experiments all week alone... I tried to forget about doing Medicine because I felt like I wasn't smart enough, but I can't stop thinking about it, like what if I didn't try again? I'm also SWOMEN and would prefer to stay in London for med school due to family obligations, but obviously will be applying all over Canada if all goes well.
  11. Thank you so much for your help. The program I am looking at is a Honors BSc in Psych. I have already completed the science requirements, which leaves me with 7.5 psych credits left to complete, which can be done over a span of 2 years, hopefully. I will definitely speak with Academic Counselling though just to confirm. Also just to confirm, "you must wait until the final year of the 2nd undergrad to apply." So let's say, I only need 2 years to finish the second undergrad (if hopefully my GPA has improved), I would be able to apply after I complete the first year, and if I do receive admission, it would be conditional in that the 2nd year meets the GPA cut-offs? Sorry for all these questions, just trying to sleep again at night haha.
  12. Thank you for your response. I am looking at doing a 2nd undergrad in Psych because I already fulfilled half the requirements so I would only need (hopefully) 2 years to finish an Honors degree in it. As SWOMEN, my main goal is Schulich Med. Just to confirm, as long as those 2 years meet the 3.7 cut-offs, it should be okay?
  13. My highest GPA for a school year was 3.6, the rest were below So out of question for Western. For Toronto, my weighted cGPA would be around 3.5 (not even meeting undergrad wGPA cut-offs, but maybe with a Master's, it could help?). But yeah, nothing above 3.7. So I don't think a 5th year would be worth it in my case.
  14. Hi, I'm sorry for another one of these posts, but I could really use some advice. I just finished my undergrad at Western in health sci with bio with a 3.3 cGPA (bad marks due to family circumstances/illnesses, nothing extreme, just the usual "life" experiences). I know there are some people who have gotten accepted into McMaster and U of T with low GPAs after completing graduate school, but I understand these are probably rare cases. I do have pretty good ECs and research experience (1 publication and another paper in preparation to be published). However, I'm still not sure if that, in addition to completing graduate school, would help me for the very few graduate-friendly med schools. I know a second undergrad would probably be more helpful, but I'm also unsure of which undergrad at Western to pursue. I was looking into Math or Psych because my highest marks were in Math and Psych courses, and I was also looking into Engineering as well because it interests me and I guess if I never get into med, I could have more job opportunities. Does anyone have other suggestions? Edit: I am also open to online undergrad programs like the ones at Athabasca and Queens BHSc as well. If it helps to know, I am also SWOMEN and am looking to apply to medical schools outside of Ontario as well (Maritimes, for example). Thank you