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  1. Same here, I believe we all wait until the waitlist offers are done, which is sometime mid June, so hopefully we hear something at the end of this week or start of next.
  2. My status says offer accepted and my deposit says received, no email or anything else to confirm so I'm banking on that being it! I'm assuming once all the seats are settled then they give out student numbers and things start moving from there
  3. For those wondering.. TIME STAMP: 11:50am PST Result: Accepted, IMP (first choice) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: ~85 MCAT: 516 ECs: national level athlete, worked in health care, long term commitments as a board member and director of non profit clubs. Volunteered with disadvantaged groups and kids for 7+ years. Geography: IP Interview: no idea, felt really good on some and horrible on others. Overall I've been told I'm pretty personable though so I think that helped. I did zero prep. Zero. I skimmed an ethics book, but other than that, nada. This wss my 5th year applying, first interview. All I can say for those trying to get in, live your life and don't slave away trying to be who you think they want. I chose my plan B career and I think my experiences from this really helped my application, but more importantly I was happy with my life and career. Never expected to get in, I've been rejected so many times! So keep on the grind, and one day it'll happen
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