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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows the Western MCAT cutoffs (for SWOMEN specifically) for the past five years. I happen to know only the last two years so if anyone could shine some light on this, i would really appreciate this. Thank you!
  2. I am from Ontario. Do you think I should rewrite my MCAT? How can I increase my chances?
  3. Hello! I am a Canadian undergrad looking into applying for both Canadian and American Schools. My gpa is 3.73 (two years is 3.91) and my Mcat is 513 (128/125/129/131). I have loads of research experience from Harvard and Yale. Overall, my grades and scores are not exceptional So i was wondering what schools would be most appropriate for me to apply? Please let me know! Thanks
  4. Hi, Canadian undergrad here! I am planning on applying to US medical schools this year. Are there US schools that take GPA from two or three years instead of all four? In Canada, schools like Western and Queens actually take 2 best/2 last years for GPA assessment. So I was wondering if there are schools like that in the states? Thanks!
  5. I am looking into applying to Canadian medical schools this fall. I just finished my fourth year of undergrad with a cGPA of 3.73 and wGPA 3.94. I am working on my MCAT right now. I also did research at Harvard for 3 summers now. I am just really nervous and confused with the wide range of GPA/MCAT numbers that I have been seeing in this forum. Can someone shine some light on uofT med? Are my grades are competitive enough? (for some context, I have approx. 3.9 GPA for three years out of my four years, I really screwed up my second year). Information on other Canadian medical schools is also welcome. Thank you!
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