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  1. Hi Lmnop96, If it's any consolation, I'm in the exact same boat at you. I got the same TFR score, except switch the AQ and NAQ (my adjusted average was 88%). My interview score was also above average, and I graduated with a BSc from UBC in 2017. I was also an in province candidate and really thought this year was going to be my shot in. My MCAT score was 517, but I got a 123 in CARS, so that score was ineligible. They had to use my old MCAT score which was a 501. I guess having a holistic file review at UBC is not going to happen, and I am back to the drawing board with rewriting the MCAT again.
  2. Result: Rejected Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: ~86% (25) MCAT: 501 NAQ: 31 Geography: IP Interview: Above Average I'm assuming it's the MCAT score. I just wrote it again last year and got a 507, but a 123 in CARS, so the score wasn't eligible. They had to end up using my old one, which was a 501. Re-writing the MCAT again this summer. Do you think itll raise a red flag?
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